November 10, 2010

Random Running Commentary of the CMA Awards

Hurray!  Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosting, setting the stage with great humor and teasing of their fellow country singers, all in good fun.  Cute dress btw, Carrie!  Dresses, I should say... why do you guys change clothes so much?  Woah... that green dress is... *cough* Um.... yeah, it looks weird.  But your purple dress for your song that you are singing is gorgeous.

Congrats Lady Antebellum on getting the Best Single award for "Need You Now!" and Vocal Group of the Year. By the way, your song "Hello World" is beautiful, love the beautifully religious second verse!

NOOOOO..... I'll never be able to listen to Rascal Flatts the same way again.... I thought the lead singer was 20, dark hair and skinny!  Not... 30-35, not skinny with blond hair... he's not fat... but... he's not skinny either.  Eck, that's the downside on listening to just the radio.

 Congratulations Miranda Lambert on getting Best Song and Music Video of the Year for "The House that Built Me". That is a beautiful song!  Yes!  And I love when people openly acknowledge Jesus in their speeches... I missed who this guy was,someone with Miranda, but hey, he's on the CMA stage, in front of millions.  That is what I love about country singers.

Yep, George Straight has won more CMA awards than anyone because he's older than anyone else there... Aww, I love this song.  "Life's not the breaths you take... but it's the moments that take your breath away."

And award for the New Artist of the Year goes to the ZAC BROWN BAND! WhoohooooO!

Yay!  Kenny Chesney is performing "The Boys of Fall" I love this song... plus in the introduction to it, they have a brief glimpse of my college's stadium.

TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!  Beautiful white dress darling, and you know how to play the grand piano!  Gorgeous show, string accompaniments, lanterns, fog and fence... And Taylor Lautner, pay attention 'cause she is singing your song!  Let's go "Back to December" now... FAKE SNOW!!! Now that looks COOL.  Can we give her an award for best stage performance?

Little Big Town... great accapella rendition of "You Belong with Me".  You should have sang the whole song!

And Album of the Year goes to..... it goes to.... come on.... who does it go to???  Miranda Lambert!  Her first Album of the Year award, way to go girl!  Cute dress, by the way.

So I missed what this guy's name is... but it's kind of distracting, he looks like a basset hound. *shrugs*  He didn't win an award, he's just singing.

Brad Paisley's turn to perform!  He's debuting his new song "This is Country Music".  "You're not supposed to say the word cancer in a song, and talking about Jesus might rub some folks wrong... this is Country Music."

Vocal Duo Award... is it Brooks and Dun, Joey and Rory, Montgomery Gentry, Steel Magnolia or Sugarland?  SUGARLAND  GETS THE AWARD, making their 4th time claiming this award.  Congrats you two!  *cheers and applause from the audience*

Martina McBride announcing the Male Vocalist of the Year award.... and it goes to... Blake Shelton!  Congratulations on your first win for this award!  Aww, Reba is crying for him!  Actually, this is his first CMA award ever!

THE BAND PERRY PLAYED IF I DIE YOUNG!!!! Giving the link to their music video 'cause I like it so much.

Loretta Lynn makes an appearance in a lovely white gown and sings "Coal Miner's Daughter" with Miranda Lambert and someone else... such a sweet performance!  And following up on that... Female Vocalist of the Year... Miranda Lamber, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood?  Miranda Lambert takes the Female Vocalist of the Year!  Wow this girl is doing pretty well tonight!

Here's someone I didn't expect to see tonight... Gwynth Paltrow singing a song from the upcoming movie "Country Strong", and she's pretty good at it too.

Oh my gosh!!! DAWN TREADER SONG BY CARRIE UNDERWOOD WITH FOOTAGE ON THE TV!!!!! *hyperventilates*  Oh wow... this new footage looks soooooooo cool!!!!!  It's not the full song, but way does that look AMAZING!  And Anti-hug Edmund gave Caspian a hug!  =)

Now, does Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban or the Zac Brown Band get the ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR Award?

"If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know it had help getting up there.  I feel like a turtle on a fence post... God bless everybody and thank you for a great night." - Brad Paisley

And that is the 2010 44th CMA awards!


  1. MAN! I wish I could have seen that! Mom and Dad won't turn on the TV for anything except for Sunday night football. *pouts* Thanks for summing up the awards!

  2. Haha, don't judge a band's (Rascal Flats) look by it's music. Lol.

    God bless!

  3. @ AGP - Ha ha, yes. Country Music Awards


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