April 22, 2008

Guess the Quote!

Elenatintil posted something like this on her blog, and it looked like fun, so I decided to do the same thing! Instructions:
1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
4. Put it in bold when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. Looking them up is cheating, please don’t.
Have fun!

1. "Why, you speak treason!"
"Fluently. " - The Adventures of Robin Hood ~ Yaviel

2. "Have you got a lame horse?"
"What do you be wantin' to trade for a lame horse?"
"Would you take General Burnside?"
"No. I guess I'll keep the horsehide." - Gods and Generals ~ Paul Xavier

3. "My love, will you marry me?"
"Oh, of course! And you couldn't have chosen a more romantic setting!"
"For our honeymoon: London! Paris!"
" Yes!"
"Sunny Spain?"
" [laughs] Why not?"
" We'll have six kids!"
"Six? Oh, a dozen at least!" - The Disney Robin Hood ~ Elenatintil

4. Stories don't always end where their authors intended. But there is joy in following them, wherever they take us. - Miss Potter ~ the Twiddles

5. "No disrespect to you brave men, but why are you fightin' this war?"
"Why are you?"
"Why to free the slaves, of course."
"I can't speak for some other folks, but I'm fightin' for my rights" [pronounces it "rats"]
"Your what?"
"My rights. [still pronounces it rats] The right to live my life like I see fit. I don't know why we can't live our lives our way and you live yours. Live and let live I've heard so folks say. Well, I guess this war's over for me anyway."
"I appreciate you talkin' to me." - Gettysburg ~ Lady Kathleen

6. Foll de roll and fiddle dee dee, fiddle dee foddle dee foodle! All the dreamers in the world are dizzy in the noodle! - Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella ~ Claire

7. "I just lost my family - all my friends - probably forever."
"How do you know?"
"Well, I - I... You are an illustration; why am I talking to you?"
"Oh, you just lost your family - all your friends - you are lonely."
"Yeah, well, you're dead!"
"Ahh, but that is no match for wishful thinking! If you're focused on what you've left behind, you will not be able to see what lies ahead. Now go up and look around!" - Ratatouille ~ the Twiddles

8. "Let me get this straight. You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And every body's okay with this? [jumps up suddenly] Did I miss something?" - The Lion King ~ the Twiddles

9. "I'm afraid the only thing left is to be thrown into the sea."
"Oh, you don't have to do that! We've got a plank! You can just walk off!"
"Yes, thank you. You're too kind."
" Normally you'd be entitled to a refund, but under the circumstances, y'know, with you dying and all... "
"No, I don't suppose a refund would do me much good now, would it?" - Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie ~ Lady Kathleen

10. "So are you Jason's friend?"
"Yes. I am."
"True friend?"
"Absolutely. Pinkie promise"
"So how long have you know Mr. Stevens?"
"We go way back, we're like this [crossing fingers] Now where do I sign?"
"And, um, he hasn't promised you and compensation for this friendship?
" Look at him, does he look like he has anything to offer?" - The Ultimate Gift ~ Yaviel

Note: There are no quotes from the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jane Austen movies, or the Chronicles of Narnia.

And a bonus quote: (BTW, this is NOT one of MY favorite movies, but I am including it because it is recited quite frequently around our house!)

# 11. "What's that smell?"
"No one noticed it until you did, it must be yours." - Thomas the Tank Engine ~ Lady Kathleen (my brother's fav movie.)
*Edit* Sister's, you will more likely than not know all of these, so you can only answer 2 each. =)


  1. The ones that I picked are 5 and 11,but I know the answers to a few of the other quotes =)

  2. #1 Robin Hood with Arrow Flin

    #10 The Ultimate Gift

  3. I forgot to put the names of the ones that I picked so here they are: 5 "Gettysburg" and 11 "Thomas the tank engine" =P

  4. Yes it is Thomas, but which show? Hmm?

    And that is NOT how you spell, the actor who played Robin Hood's name. I don't know how to spell it, but that is not how! (Mayhaps the persons who introduced us to that movie could help?) Isn't it Eroll Flynn. That doesn't look right! Errol, Erool. Eryl????

  5. #3 is from the Disney version of Robin Hood.

    And I believe it is Errol Flynn.

  6. #6 is Rogers and Hammerstien's Cinderella (which is technically a play made for television, not a movie)
    #7 is Rat-ta-too-ee or Ratatoille(however you can spell it)

    #8 is the Lion King

    #3 is The Adventures of Robin Hood (the same movie is on there twice?)

    #4 is from Miss Potter

    ~ Tweedledee and Tweedledum

  7. Number 6 would have to be from Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella, if my memory of the USF musical serves me correctly. :)


  8. Good job to all of you. I gave the Cinderella one to Claire, 'cause the twiddle's had already answered a bunch.

    And NO, I do NOT have the same movie on there twice, one is "The Adventures of Robin Hood", the other is "Robin Hood". One has animals, the other has that person with the weird name. One is put out by Diseny, the other is not. One has been my favorite since I was five, the other only since I was 14. The plot lines are rather different (not surprising, no two tales of Robin Hood are the same.)

    They are not the same movies! =) Only two more quotes left! Come one, they can't be that hard!

    He he! I love the Lion King! =D

  9. #2 is from Gods and Generals. The scene where the Billy Yank and Johnny Reb meet mid-way at the stream/brook. ;)

  10. Your sister that had a tooth pulledApril 23, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    Number 9 is from the VeggieTales movie "Jonah". I like the movie "Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn in it then the Disny one. I am not a big fan of "Ratatoille" its a cute movie. And I am not trying to insult anyone who likes it. =D

  11. Dear Amanda,
    #9 is The Veggie Tales Jonah! Great quotes. I love the movie guessing quotes. It gives you movie ideas too. And I am with Elenatintil on her spelling of Errol Flynn. I love that actor!
    Have a fantastic day or what is left of it!
    In Christ through Mary our Mother,

  12. Congratulations to everyone who guessed corecctly. Next time I'll think of harder ones. =) Hmm, maybe my NOT favorite movies? That might be more difficult to guess... but I like movies.

    Paul, I knew you would get the Gods and Generals one! ;)

  13. Oh, I forget that there are more Claires in this realm! I will have to remember to specify which one I am when I'm here! ;-) Because although you probably can figure us out with ease, Amanda, it's likely that no one else here can. :)

    Claire (Your Fairy Godmother)
    aka Lily Maiden

    Phil 4:8

  14. I tripped on the escalator the other day and fell down the steps for an hour and a half.


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