April 19, 2008

Events of Pope Benedict's Visit: April 18th

Pope, at U.N., says no government or religion can limit human rights
UNITED NATIONS (CNS) -- Neither government nor religion has a right to change or limit human rights, because those rights flow from the dignity of each person created in God's image, Pope Benedict XVI said. In his April 18 speech to the U.N. General Assembly, the pope insisted that human rights cannot be limited or rewritten on the basis of national interests or majority rule. But he also said the role of religions is not to dictate government policy, but to help their members strive to find the truth, including the truth about the dignity of all people even if their religious views are different. Read the rest...

At New York synagogue, pope encourages 'bridges of friendship'
NEW YORK (CNS) -- In a brief, movingly simple visit to a New York synagogue, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his respect for the city's Jewish community and encouraged the building of "bridges of friendship" between religions. The encounter April 18 marked the first time a pope has visited a Jewish place of worship in the United States, and it came a day before the start of the Jewish Passover. Read the rest...

Pope says divisions, abandoning tradition weaken Christian witness
NEW YORK (CNS) -- Using unusually strong words for an ecumenical prayer service, Pope Benedict XVI said the witness of Christians in the world is weakened not only by their divisions, but also by some communities turning their backs on Christian tradition. "Communion with the church in every age," he said, is needed particularly "at the time when the world is losing its bearings and needs a persuasive common witness to the saving power of the Gospel." Read the rest...
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