April 17, 2008

Events of Pope Benedict's visit: April 16th

Multiple Choruses of 'Happy Birthday' Mark the Pope's 81st
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- At 5:21 a.m., the disc jockey on a country music radio station in Fredericksburg, Va. -- 50 miles south of Washington -- invited listeners to join her in singing "Happy Birthday" to Pope Benedict XVI. On the South Lawn of the White House, dignitaries, bishops and guests joined in an impromptu rendition of the song. Later, opera star Kathleen Battle led the song again, and the pope blew out candles on a four-tier cake. Read more...

Bush, Pope Exchange Gifts Accompanied By Lemon Cake
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- With the formal greetings out of the way, Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush got down to serious business during their historic White House meeting April 16 -- the exchanging of presents. On his 81st birthday, the pontiff received a lead crystal cross sculpture and a collection of American classical and religious compact discs from the president... Read more.

Pope, Bush Discuss Fighting Terrorism While Respecting Human Rights
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- In a meeting at the White House, Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush discussed the problem of terrorism and how to confront it while respecting human rights. The two leaders also expressed their joint concern for the protection of human life, marriage and the family, according to a statement issued after a private meeting April 16. They also prayed for the institution of the family. Read the rest...
U.S. Ambassador Says Pope-Bush Meeting Was Proud Day for Americans
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- For the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, the meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and President George W. Bush was a proud day for Americans. "It was wonderful to have this great world religious leader express his appreciation for so many things we take for granted," Mary Ann Glendon told Catholic News Service April 16. Read the rest...

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  1. I posted his Whitehouse speech at my blog. Within the week they should have all his speeches online and available.


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