April 26, 2008


We started watching Gods and Generals tonight, and I remembered how much I love the opening song "Going Home", sung by Mary Fahl. It is so beautiful! I was searching the web for the music video of it (beautiful as well,) when I found this video of a ...person... who figured out how to play the song on the piano! (There is no sheet music for it. :(

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Oh, and the second one is the same person playing the main theme from Gettysburg. (Love that song as well!) Sadly, there is no sheet music for that song either... mayhaps, if I watch these videos enough, I shall figure it out. One can hope anyways!

By the way, I have tried singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" to the tune of the main theme, and it sounds very nice! The words and the melody go very well together.

And I did find the music video, so I shall post that within the next year, along with another video that was really beautiful as well! (I just discovered how to put videos on my blog, so you may see a lot of them for a while!) =) Good Night!


  1. That was beautiful!!!

    I can't wait to watch the movies, just one more book to go (to read) then I can...and I'm going to start it right now...

    See ya soon!

    ~Jo March

  2. They are really pretty songs. My favorite one is probably the song from Gettysburg =)


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