May 27, 2009

Many Mumbling Mice Make Music in the Moonlight, Mighty Nice

No, i didn't intend to write that when i sat down but i typed "many" in and the rest popped into my head, so i typed it. And i suppose it fits with the future randomness of this post. I say future because as of this sentence, i haven't written anything except for what you have already read. Of course by the time you read what i have yet to write, it shall be already written and hence be past randomness. Only you shall just be reading it, so it shall be present randomness. Even if you were to read this for the first time years from now it would still be present randomness for you because you would just be reading it, even though readers past would have already read it. For them it would be past randomness, but for you it would be present. But as of now, for me, it is still future randomness that is steadily become present and then past randomness. And so you see that randomness is pretty much immortal.

So today i decided to introduce you to my various personalities, as i assume most of you have not met most or any of them yet. I shall proceed by introducing each one and briefly describing them and what they have been doing lately. If you are of the faint of heart type or the easily shocked, startled and dismayed type or even of the far too logical and sensible type then i suggest that you not read past this point HERE. .

Now for those of you who are still reading, congratulations. You are my type of person. ;) Now for the introductions.

NOTE: While i describe these personalities separately, please be warned that they are sometimes and can be combined with other personalities both online and offline

Rose - This is the person that you probably know the best and have had the most experience with, since Rose is the one who does the overwhelming majority of the talking on the internet: ie. my blog, the forum and Gmail (by this i mean chatting). She tends to talk a lot, outgoing and sometimes a bit outspoken. Offline she tends to only show up at sleepovers, around her immediate family and in other instances of complete wackiness, craziness andgeneral abusrdity. Lately she has been plotting to have her past suitors show up on the forum and drive her insane, starting forum food fights and writing this blog post.

Insert my real name here - Okay so this person is not often seen online as she doesn't talk much - other than laughing and saying variations of "yes" and "no". Online she surfaces when i foolishly chat with people when i don't want to and offline she appears in phone conversations, extended family and outside of my house. So if you know me in real life, this is the personality you would be the best aquainted with. Lately she has - ummmm... not been doing much because she hasn't left the house in a few days. Oh! She did go to a graduation party where she alas! All to characteristically kept her mouth pretty much shut.
In all due fairness to my-real-name however, i will say that she is a good listener.

Lady Silmarien - This would be my elvish personality. Silmarien is the side that likes plants, music, singing, writing poetry and reading. She shows up when i am alone and feel like singing (i don't sing solo in front of people other than my sisters), when i am reading a good book (when i talk to the book, that's probably Silmarien and Rose conspiring together), when i write poems and when i am listening to music - particularilly music that completely fills my soul with beauty, lifts me up in the clouds, inspires me and makes my soul dance. Lately she has fallen in love with one such song "Listen to the Wind" by Hayley Westenra and can't wait for the Hayley CD she ordered to come in the mail!!! She has also been reading (and talking) to "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra" and "That Hideous Strength" by C.S. Lewis.

Captain Fox Turner - This person surfaces during Pirates of the Caribbean blog week (when are we doing that again Vickis?) as well as whenever i am feeling particularily pirate-ical or adventurous. Unfortunatly, Foxy hasn't helped me as a whole overcome my fear of heights, so so much for being adventerous. As of late, Fox has been considering dying her hair. Well, not dying it excatly - more like enhancing the natural highlights of her hair. With lemon juice. Apparently you spray lemon juice in your hair (enough to make it wet or at least damp, i think) and then go out in the sun to let it dry. This brings out the natural blondness or redness of your hair. I think mine would be more on the red side. Problem is, it's been raining/cloudy of the past few days.

Miss Bramblerose Brandybuck - My hobbity side. Bramblerose enjoys firesides, food and comfort. She would be the side that went on a five hour baking spree on the forum last week. ;) Humerously, last night when we were trying to get our grand piano in the house it kept pouring on and off. We started praying Memorares so that the rain would stop long enough to get the piano in the house and Silmarien was nervous about it all and then Bramblerose got the weirdest impulse to go in the kitchen - and bake. She didn't go through with it though.

Captain Rosemary Lee - Well, this person isn't too developed that well but she likes the Civil War and has a tendency to just start talking and discussing it at great length and detail if you get her started. Lately she helped her younger brother with a project on Vicksburg and thanks to the internet she discovered that as far as days of the week go the year 1863 matches up with this year 2009. So in both in 2009 and 1863 May 27th was a Wednesday.

Jude Thaddeus - Now this personality is unique in that it is in itself a split personality. Jude is the angry side and can flare up easily but doesnt maintain the anger for very long. (Except in a performance, when it's required). Jude can't really hold a grudge either. Now Thaddeus on the other hand is prayerful, though not necessarily good at mediating. (Except during a performance, when it's required.) Lately i don't think that Jude has showed up, except for brief moments of irritation. Thaddeus just posted the Marian quote for today.
In the performance
of the 7 Last Words i play
Saint Jude Thaddeus, the apostle
as well part of the angry mob.

So that is it, essentially. So now the essential me has ceasced to be random (that is as in the essential me and not the non-essential me), and possibly the non-essential me (that is as in the non-essential me and not the essential me), whereas before both the essential me and the non-essential me were both feeling random. But be warned, that the randomness of both essential and non-essential me or one or the other may be aroused.

In conclusion, the i - as in the essential i and not the non-essential i - hope that the reader who commented to me (as in the essential and the non-essential me) the other day that i as in the non-essential i (i as in the essential i assumes) have not posted anything witty or original (i as in the essential i thinks that was the comment) in a while is satisfied, both essentially and non-essentially.


  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I felt like saying that; you are such a dear friend. It's so nice to know all sides of you.

    And for the Pirate Blog Week (let's call it PBW), we do it the week after camp. Sooooo.....this year it would be July 13-18th or 19th. I also want to do a Narnia week in December (when LWW came to theaters), and a LOTR week in September for Bilbo's and Frodo's b-day. Give me a call and we can talk about it.

    With much love,
    Vicki/Lady Victoria Senrahb/Captain Coon Sparrow/Turwethiel Merilwen

  2. I am confused, is what I :) I love all of yous and all your personalities!! *glomps* And to think I only have three or four instead of... *counts quickly* SEVEN!

    Are you going to the FT GET-TOGETHER?!?!???

    Your impatient darling bumbling daugter,

  3. Rose, this is awesome! I'm now looking forward to 'Pirate week', whenever that shall be! :) lol
    your 'neice' the essentially un-essential Addie :)

  4. @ Vicki - Awwww, i love you too! And yes! I shall certainly give you a call soon! Yavi never lets me talk when she calls. =P

    @ Raewyn - *gasps* You commented! *glomps* Well my dear, you must certainly get some more! If we ever happen to be on Gmail at the same time, i shall help you out!

    I don't know if we are going to the Fairy Tale Novels Get-together. =( I've mentioned it to my parents....

    Mom, since you read my comments, i'm asking again if we can go!

    @ Addie - Great! And now that you have a blog, you and Ella should join in! We'd love to have you along!

    @ AG - Yes, i am sanguine, as a matter of fact. As for your questions - what did you mean? If you mean "do you have any" then the answer is no. If you mean "are you trying to get some" the answer is, well if i was, this probably wouldn't be the way to do it! Or if you mean "do your suitors have multiple personalities" then again the answer would be no... because i have no suitors.

  5. Oh my goodness! What an amazing blog post! If I had a blog, I'd do one just like it (or rather, we would do one just like it! :) ). How nice to finally understand your many personalities! I should put my own down in writing too, regardless of the fact that I am blog-less. :)

    Your friend/sister/brother,
    Jo March/Turwethiel/Miss Flora Gamgee/Cpt. Josephine Chamberlain/James the Lesser/(insert my real name here) ;)

  6. Hello!

    I haven't seen you in a while Rosie - Life has been really busy.

    For some strange reason, I'm having a hard time reading your blog due to the dark background as well as that cute little rosebud that comes midway down the page - maybe if you changed the font color? But, if no one else is having a problem - then I must be suffering from been-in-college-too-long-in-the-nice-weather-writing-ridiculously-long-papers-too-fast syndrome :) (If you can say that in one breath, congrats!)


    P.S. you got the title for this post from Miss Fishy, didn't you... :P

  7. @ Cap - Don't worry, you aren't the only one. I have a hard time reading it too. (Yeah, i read my own blog.) I might try changing the font color.

    Ps. No, i didn't actually. =)

  8. @ AG -
    I did reply to your suitors question above, but that was only a response from my-real-name. My other names were protesting that they didn't get to respond, so i'm giving them a chance now.

    Rose - Suitors? Oh yeah, i have lots of those: Sauron, Soyousay, Humperdink, Prince John, Gollum and Cluny the Scourge. I just can't get them to leave me alone!

    Lady Silmarien - Ah yes, suitors. *sighs dreamily* (Did i mention that she tends to be romantic?)

    Captain Fox Turner - *whips out sword* I'm keeping a weather eye on the horizon for them.

    Miss Bramblerose Brandybuck - Suitors??? Oh dear, i'd best go get the tea and cakes ready for them!

    Captain Rosemary Lee - Only a month and 2 1/2 days until the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg! I'll have to remember to post something then, and on the second and third. I haven't done a civil war post in - what? Suitors? Only if their last names are Lee or Chamberlain!

    Jude - Suitors!?!?!?! They are death guilty! They are death guilty! Take them! Take them! Let us... never mind.

    Thaddeus - Well, i am certainly praying that i will have at least one - the right one.

    And now they are all satisfied and i hope you are too.

  9. Ha ha. So cute, and sooooo sanguine. :-) Fortunately or unfortunately, I only have one personality. And it's a pretty boring one!

  10. If you didn't get it from us...where did you get it from?

    Because the girls have a choir warm-up that goes "Many Mumbling Mice Making Merry Music in the Moonlight, Mighty Nice" =)

    ~ @ Cap, I did say it in one breath! =p

    < fishy ><

  11. Ever read Dr. Suess's ABC's before?

  12. Nope!

    < fishy ><


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