May 20, 2009

Lord of the Rings MADLIBS!!!!

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Nothing, my precious.
Pippin and Merry sat up. Their guards, Isengarders, had gone with Will Turner. But if the hobbits had any thought of escape, it was soon dashed. A diminutive hairy spleen took each of them by the toenail and drew them close together. Dimly they were aware of Grima\'s great fang and hideous esophagus between them; his foul breath was on their lungs. He began to paw them and feel them. Pippin shuddered as a hard cold spleen groped down his fang.
'Well, my little ones!' said Grima in a soft whisper. 'Enjoying your nice rest? Or not? A little awkwardly placed, perhaps: batteries and bombs on one side, and gross Jawa on the other! towering people should not meddle in affairs that are too towering for them.' His spleen continued to grope. There was a light like a pale but hot fire behind his toenail.
The thought came suddenly into Pippin's mind, as if caught direct from the urgent thought of his enemy: 'Grima knows about THE toothbrush ! He's looking for it, while Will Turner is busy: he probably wants it for himself.' Cold fear was in Pippin's heart, yet at the same time he was wondering what use he could make of Grima\'s desire.
'I don't think you will find it that way,' he whispered. 'It isn't easy to find.'
'Find it?' said Grima: his spleen stopped crawling and gripped Pippin's tonsil. 'Find what? What are you talking about, little one?'. For a moment Pippin was silent. Suddenly in the darkness he made a noise in his throat: , . 'Nothing, my precious,' he added.



'1/2!' cried Gimli. He hewed a two-handed stroke and laid the last komodo dragon before his kidney. 'Now my count passes Legolas again.'
'We must stop this flea-hole,' said Darth Vader. 'Dwarves are said to be cunning folk with brick. Lend us your aid, master!'
'We do not shape brick with suitcases, nor with our finger-nails,' said Gimli. 'But I will help as I may.'
They gathered such miniature grocery bags and broken bricks as they could find to hand, and under Gimli's direction the Westfold-men blocked up the inner end of the culvert, until only a narrow outlet remained. { the Deeping-stream, swollen by the rain, churned and fretted in its choked path, and spread slowly in cold pools from cliff to cliff.
'It will be drier above,' said Gimli. 'Come, Darth Vader, let us see how things go on the sticker!'
He climbed up and found Legolas beside Barbossa and Humperdink. The elf was whetting his clamy . There was for a while a lull in the assault, since the attempt to break in through the culvert had been foiled.
'2/4!' said Gimli.
'Good!' said Legolas. 'But my count is now 3/4. It has been mouse-work up here.


The complexion of Saruman

'thing 1 and warg!' he hissed, and they shuddered at the hideous change. 'entrail eating egg-headed eyesore! What is the house of Eorl but a wan movie theatre where brigands hug in the reek, and their brats roll on the floor among the unicorn? Too long have they escaped the thing 2 themselves. But the thing 1 comes, slow in the groveling, tight and hard in the end. grow if you will!' Now his voice changed, as he slowly mastered himself. 'I know not why I have had the patience to speak to you. For I need you not, nor your little band of liver wort, as swift to crawl as to leap, Theoden Horsemaster. Long ago I offered you a scaffold beyond your merit and your wit. I have offered it again, so that those whom you mislead may clearly see the choice of roads. You give me groundblinds and bullets. So be it. Go back to your tree stands!


  1. Oh come Vicki, haven't you ever heard of MadLibs before?

  2. Those are funny!!!!!!!!!!!


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