May 30, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 10

~ 1 ~
Quote of the May
Mary does not shine for herself, or from herself, but she is the reflection of her and our Redeemer, and she glorifies Him. When she appears in darkness, we know that He is close at hand.
~ Venerable John Henry Newman

~ 2 ~
I got my Hayley Westenra CD in the mail yesterday!!!! *does happy dance* Hayley has such a lovely voice and i just love the songs she sings. Particularly "My Heart Belongs to You". Ah! I love love songs! I'll have to do a CD review sometime.

~ 3 ~
They fixed our road!!!! Well, kind of anyhow. Our road was so full of potholes - it was a huge mess. You could avoid them with the van but with the little car there were a few spots where you just couldn't avoid them. Ick. So today they fixed them by scraping of the top of the road and spreading a bunch of gravel down. Then in a year or so they'll come back and actually completely fix the road by putting down a tar/gravel layer. But no more potholes!!!

~ 4 ~

I need two more Quick things.... letsss sssseee, hang on - aha! I knew i would find something here.

And you can watch Amy Walker's tutorial on how to do accents here. Pretty cool.

~ 5 ~

And just because you non-forum people will think it's weird, Peter and i had our wedding anniversary party yesterday. It was great! Plenty of dancing and i was nearly kidnapped by Prince Humperdink, but was saved by my niece Maddy and her hubby Vkitor Krum who turned Humperdink into a weasel. (It's Yenta's fault Humper-weasel was there in the first place. =P ) And then my neice Addie and soon-to-be-nephew Westley gave us a summer home in Lothlorien!!!!

And here is darling Peter and i on our wedding!

~ 6 ~
Yeah i know, it's only 5 quick takes, but i just had to comment on a strange phenomenon... since posting my two... rather odd posts, i have gotten a total of 24 comments - 12 comments per post - more comments then i have gotten in a really, really, really long time, certainly more comments than i have ever gotten for posting something serious or meaningful. Any thoughts or speculations on why that is?


    I ant that CD!! Cuz it has 'May it Be', one of my favorites on it.

  2. you do know what movie that wedding picture is from, don't you?

    (you know, the on we're always trying to get you to see...)


  3. Yes i do! And thank you for reminding me, i'm going to go order it from the library right now!


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