October 17, 2008

An Elopment

Here is the exciting tale of how Lanta eloped with a dashing, if but mysterious person, and I helped her at the risk of being set upon by her mother and the Fellowship of the Ring.

It all started one day at about 12:30 pm (lunch break) and I happened to be on my gmail chatting with Lanta (Sara). Now, previous to this, she had been proposed and engaged to none other than... The Witch King of Angmar! Yes, you heard me correctly... almost. You see, the one who proposed to her wasn't the Witch King from the book/movie (the one who stabbed Frodo and then killed by Eowyn and Merry) this is that Witch King's twin. So the one from the book is Lanta's witch kings evil twin. For simplicities sake, we'll call Lanta's "husband" Cor Fearan (That's his name) and the other on WK. So where was I?

Oh yes, we were chatting about how the sky really isn't up, it's down (prehaps another post on that later) when I hit on an idea. Lanta and Cor should elope! I have always wanted to arrange an elopment, and as Elenatintil (Lanta's "mother") didn't seem to like Cor (no one else did either) I figured that there were no two better candidates then them!

I quickly told her of the plan and then we frantically began posting on the forum. 1) so we wouldn't get cought, 2) because I only had 20 minutes before I started school again. So in about 20 minutes, we got the maid of honor on there, and Lanta and Cor were married! I was so nervous... but everything went flawlessly. The reactions afterwards were priceless.

War almost broke out when Elena (who somehow is best friends with the whole Fellowship, maybe because she married Theodred) rounded them up to attack me for my innocent helping hand! But we decided that a war was not in anyone's best interests, and so peace prevailed.
For now then my wish for an elopment has been satisfyed... for now. ;)

In case you are still confused about the whole "evil twin thing" Cor and the WK are identical, but Sauron only gave them one ring, because he didn't know there were two of them, and so got them confused. Cor and the WK kept fighting over it and fighting over it until Sauron got a headache and told them to share it. You may be surprised at the evilest being in Middle-earth telling someone to share something, but he was under a lot of pressure at the time since the Last Alliance was coming to chop off his finger.

If you still can't understand what I am talking about - and I would be shocked if you can't - then you can read my book! It is called "My Niece Married the Witch King: And I Helped Her Do It"
It is quite fascinating and I have no doubt that someday it shall be recognized as one of the greatest literary classics of all time.

Remember, don't say more.... say Mordor!

Ps. No, I still don't know what that means. Lanta?
PPs. Oh yes, and the President of the US was one of the groomsmen for the wedding. If you remember, we had kidnapped him.


  1. Still haven't forgiven you for that, Rose.


    huh, i just had a brilliantly evil idea....

  2. I told you already, I can't explain about why you should never say more yet. However, since so many people are asking about it, perhaps i should do a post about the signifigence of it and why you should say it, though I wont' be able to explain very much, you understand, as a good deal of it is highly confidential.

    Anyway, I'm v ery glad you did a post on my husband and I's story :) (is that bad grammer, btw?) I should do a post myself, as there are some details that have not as yet been fully revealed!

  3. Oh dear... what is Elena planning? *looks almost worried*

    @ Lanta - I eagerly await the revealed details! Yes Please do a post on the significance and importance of that phrase! It is driving me nuts!

  4. Lady Rose, I tagged you for a meme. Visit http://mamselleduroc.blogspot.com

  5. Yae!!! Oh dear, plotting. :o

    And I should be credited with coming up with the entire idea of marrying the Nazgul in the firstplace.
    Muahaha, confusion is good!

  6. O.o what are you planning, mother? I'M supposed to be the evil one, remember?

    Auntie Rose, that post will appear soon. In a few days, I promise! :)

  7. What WAS I planning? Oh yes....

    *trots off to find a certain niece*

  8. *looks nervous* Oh no... which niece? One of my daughters? Or a mutual niece?

    *suspicous look* Elena, what sort of mischief are you contriving?


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