October 5, 2008

My Power is Made Perfect in Weakness

Today is ProLife Sunday. In memory of this, I would like to share with you part of the 40 Days for Life Devotion that I received today.
The call to participate in 40 Days for Life is a call
to sacrifice. It's a call that, when answered, often
brings unexpected joy, as seen in these postings from
the 40 Days for Life blog:

* Angela wrote, "I am so excited to see so many
people arriving at these clinics to pray for

* Pat noted, "I am so grateful for the 40 days of
prayer and fasting. Praise Jesus!"

* Julie said, "I believe this campaign could be the
beginning of the end of abortion in this country.
In my adult life, I have yet to dare to have that
hope -- until now.

Unexpected joy arrived one evening at the 40 Days for
Life vigil outside the Planned Parenthood location in
Sioux City, Iowa as people gathered to pray.

A bus from Michigan broke down at the fast food
restaurant right across the street. The bus was
carrying a Christian drama team -- including 13
children with disabilities. The assistant director
saw the vigil across the street, so he walked over
and started asking questions.

Stormy, one of the vigil participants, had a bunch of
questions for him as well. When she found out who
they were and what they did, she asked if they would
put on a play -- right then and there.

"They did! Right there, facing Planned Parenthood,
these special kids and friends re-enacted the Passion
of Christ," Mary reports. "The young man who
portrayed Jesus had Down syndrome. He stretched out
his arms and 'hung on the cross.' "

The assistant director said he cries every time he
watches the kids do this play. "It might have
something to do with the actor playing Jesus," she
said, "who gets so emotional that he can't stop

Before they left from their home town of Holland,
Michigan, their principal had told them that he
didn't know when or where, but he just had a feeling
they would hold one additional performance at a time
and place that was not listed on their original

"We are sure glad it was here," said Mary. "They were
terrific and they were so pleased to perform for
people who respect all life. Their replacement bus
arrived just after the kids were able to receive lots
of applause and thanks and a 40 Days for Life

The death of the innocent Lord and Savior -- staged
in front of Planned Parenthood, an organization
responsible for ending hundreds of thousands of
innocent lives every year; performed by special needs
children, upon whom the abortion industry has
declared open season -- how powerful!

There is indeed joy. And there is indeed hope.

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