October 16, 2008

Welcoming Two Evil Twins to the Blogosphere!

Two of my forum "nieces"
Lantamiste (Sara)

just came out with a blog this past week, entitled "Random Profound Thoughts by Two Evil Twins", and I must say it is one of the most entertaining blogs I have ever come across! Actually, I dare say it is the most entertaining blog I have ever read! Which, if you know these two from the FT forum, shouldn't be surprising. They are always doing such strange and wacky things; getting kidnapped, kidnapping the President of the US (I helped with that one, actually), bowling using a Palantir and their forum mother's garden statues... oh, and eloping! Now that is an interesting and thrilling tale. I played a major part in it, you know. Hmmm, =) but that is a tale for another post!
So I insist you all go and visit the charming blog of my nieces, give them a warm welcome and a hug from Aunt Rose. Trust me, you will not be bored!
Don't say more, say Mordor!

(Ps. No I DON'T know what that means.)
(Pps. They just posted essential life saving advice today, be sure and check it out!)

Once again, welcome Bridget and Lanta, to the wonderful world of Blog!


  1. Many thanks, Auntie! :-D

    ~Don't Say More, Say Mordor

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome, Auntie Rose! We are in your dept! =) (I need to do a post thanking everyone who's welcomed us so far...... Or birdget can.)

    As to more--Don't say more, NEVER say more! ALWAYS say Mordor! One day the world will realize and fully comprehend the signifigence of it, but that day has not yet arrived.


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