October 21, 2008

Another Meme!

I was tagged for this by the wonderful Mamselle Clare Duroc, formerly of The Time When Lilies Bloom, now of I Have Loved the Rain.

Link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, write six random things about yourself, tag six-ish people by leaving comments on their blogs and let the person who tagged you know that you've written the post.

1. I am the virtual mother of 12 kids, the virtual wife of King Peter the Magnificent, virtual aunt 34 people on the Fairy Tale Novels Forum, as well as a virtual great-aunt *faints* and the virtual sister of nine amazing girls and one boy. (My "big brother" Paulie :) ) I love being apart of this virtual family, we have developed close relationships and have a blast coming up with weird and wacky adventures. (Ex: My niece married the Witch King, My great-aunt got kidnapped by Sauron, I was proposed to by Sauron, etc.) Being part of a virtual family is only half of it, joining the forum and making all these wonderful friends is one of the best things that has happened to me!

2. I am a complete Civil War Nut as well as a Victim of Tolkienmania. Before these to I was a horse lover, but that died a year or so ago. Which after reading all those stories about the horse people who lost their horsenuttinessinteenageyearsbecauseofboys, I'm not surprised. Though I didn't stop being a horse lover due to boys... I think it was more of the overwhelming influence of Tolkien and the Civil War. I don't think I will lose either of those though. Like my unlce told me, once you've been bitten by the Civil War bug, that's it, you are hooked for life. Which is perfectly fine with me!

3. I have preformed in three church Christmas plays, four self-written skits, and (as of January 2009) seven plays with the Little Flowers Catholic Dance and Theatre Troupe. Throw in the "Life and Liberty" dance performance we did last May and it's eight. So... 15 productions in all. In one ("Remember Me") I had seven parts, three were back-to-back! Was that hectic! I loved the parts, but two 3 minute or less costume changes right in a row was more than enough! They are a bit fun, I will admit... and it certainly is helpful to be a 'quick change artist'!

4. I do not like reading poetry. Yes, I will admit that the thought of sitting down with a book of poems is enough to make me want to run away screaming. About the only poetry I will read is Tolkien's... but that is part of the story. (Now don't kill me, but my brain does tend to go on skim mode for most of the poems in the Hobbit, and one or two in the LotR). I know most of you are probably horrified and shocked... but I really don't like it. This is probably even more horrifying for those who know that I write poetry. Prepare to be shocked... I love writing poetry! Yet I dislike reading it. (Well, I like reading mine, sometimes). How strange is that?

5. I have my very own Fairy Godmother! (Actually, she is my confirmation sponsor, but you don't know that.) She is the wonderfullest person I know, and is the big sister that I never had and always longed for; a real blessing!

6. Let's make this last one really random, shall we? Hmm... let me see.... I am almost as tall as my mom (though she will not admit it) and I have a 12 year old sister who claims to be almost as tall as me (though I do not admit it.)

I now hereby tag.... The Random Evil Twins, Grace, Vicki, and Hannah


  1. Oh dear, this could be interesting. :D

  2. Wow...Amanda, you just made my day. :) "Words of Affirmation" is definitely a love language that speaks to me, and it was so sweet and touching to be mentioned in your meme!

    I'm sorry we haven't had too much chance for visiting recently, but you are in my heart and prayers always. :)

    Sending a hug,
    Your Fairy Godmother

  3. the lovely harpistOctober 22, 2008 at 9:56 AM

    Yaviel is almost as tall as you? As for me, "you are too far above me...I will tear myself from your side!" (ripppppp)

    Come on - guess the quote ^...(it is a crime if you haven't seen that movie!)

    "I am a poet and don't know it
    my feet show it - they're Longfellows!"

    I must confess, I don't like reading poetry either (that's why I've never read anything of yours :)

    See you tomorrow!

  4. I AM AS TALL AS YOU!!!! ( even thought you wont admit it!!)

  5. OH! Great Auntie! You tagged me! For everyone who doesn't know, I am Amanda's great niece (a pirate/lady/jedi) and my name is Lizzy. Thank ye mightily auntie! I shall go post 5 odd/random things immediatly!....number one is probably going to be cracking bottles over peoples heads ;).
    Your niece,
    The great Pirate Cap'n Elizabeth Swann

  6. @ Bridget - Yes, that is why I tagged you!

    @ Claire - *hugs* We need to get together sometime with you girls for a nice leisurely afternoon!

    @ - the lovely harpist -
    *groans* You know I don't watch that many movies! And I just looked that quote up... consider me a criminal then.

    See ya' tomorrow! (Lol, even I don't read my poetry that often.)

    @ Yaveiel - You are NOT!!! ALMOST as tall as me is as far as I will go, and almost as tall is all you shall ever be, though you should shoot up to a shocking 7'8".

    @ Lizzy - Yup, I tagged you, and you had better do it! (did you know you were signed into Vicki's account?)

  7. I will admit that neither of you are as tall as I am. I am planning on growing even into my old age so that neither of you will ever be taller than me! Love,
    Your much taller mother

  8. I shall try to do it. And ya know--I;m actually not all that much into reading poetry. Like, serious poetry, I mean. I like reading my friend's poetry--I'd love to read some of yours! :)

  9. I AM as tall as tall as you!!!


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