April 5, 2008

Either - Or

I am trying out a new background, in case you didn't notice, and I would be interested in your input. Which do you prefer? Cast your votes in the poll to your left (everything is on the left now!) and explain if you would the reason for your choice in the comment box. I will not accept "Well, I like both, soooo it's really up to you which one you like, 'cause both of them are very nice, and I like both of them, it's hard to choose, blah, blah, blah." I cannot stand those kinds of answers, so if you can't say straightforwardly "I like this one over that one", then please remain silent! (This is also an exercise in preventing lukewarm-ness.) Thank you for your imput!

Ps. you have 1 week to vote!


  1. i like the new one becuase it not just a solid color =:-)

    P.S. it will yake a little getting used to!

  2. Hi Amanda!

    I liked the pink one better. It was a really pretty color, and the pictures (and words too) that you posted just seemed to jump out at you a little more.

    God bless!

    ~Jo March

  3. Hmmm...its better than pink, but the other was more navagational... I will withhold my vote for now...

  4. LOL. Lukewarmness. Lady Rose, you are very funny! :D I like the new one best, it's easier on the eyes. But they DO both look nice. ;) I think the pink one was very ... "you." But I do think I like this new one best. :)

  5. I think I shall have to say old...just because a different friend of Claires has had this backround for so long that it's a little...shall we say, old.
    But, well, whatever you want! =)
    Just kidding!!!!!
    Or.......you could go to FinalSense.com and get a completely new template. What random ideas! =0
    (btw, final sense is where claire's template is from - at least that is what is says on the bottom of her blog)
    OK well, much love,
    Your sleepy friend!
    P.S. Did you finish washing the kitchen floor - did you sing while you washed? Maybe, "The Prince is Having a ball..." or even better, "in my own little corner..." ;-)

    All my love...see you...when will we see eachother next?????
    Girls Club????

  6. Both are nice (okay, you can banish me)... BUT, hmmm, I think the pink one is almost more "you". :)

    Good night and fare thee well!
    Your (Fairy) Godmother ;-)

  7. Miss March - Yes, but I like the border that is around the pictures on this one.

    Paul Xavier - Not surprised that you prefer this one over pink =) but what do you mean by "more navagational"?

    For the rest of you - what do you mean when you say the pink was more "me"?

    Fishy - I'll have to check FinalSense again. The last time I was on there, I couldn't find any that I liked. Girls Club. My mom told us to go to bed. More likely then not we would have been singing "Ten Minutes Ago".

    One more thing:
    Fairy Godmother and Miss Fishy - WHY were you on my blog at 10 and 11 o'clock at night?

  8. I like the section on the very bottom.

  9. I like this one better. I think that madame Yaviel meant take insted of yeak :)

  10. Now it's even! 5 for 5! At the end of the week, I shall consider both options and give you all my official decision. The suspense is killing me! =P

  11. Well, I felt it easier just scrolling down, but yeah. This is better on the eyes...

  12. I liked the older version better and here's why. Although the new version is a bit "neater", I have always found it a bit hard to read the white blogs because they really send a lot of glare off the computer screen. Thus I think that it is easier on the eyes to read a page in a color other than white. (But still, something light, such as the pink. I don't like black either.)

    I hope that was a strong enough stance! ;)

  13. LOL, Paul, were you saying that white was easier on the eyes? *giggles* And right below your comment, I have Elena telling me pink is easier on the eyes! Which one? I suppose it depends on the eyes, right?

    Yes, Elena, that's a strong enough stance. Thanks!

  14. I like this one because it reminds me of my own. :) Oh wait, it is exactly like mine! Yea!!

    Actually, I've been looking around for something a little different, but I imagine that I will have to pay for something that I really like - bad news, cause I'm cheap!

    I just have to get used to seeing everything reversed. Oh and I like the column width, it seems to be easier to read, that's why I changed my original one.


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