April 24, 2008

Prince Caspian is Coming!

The second theatrical trailer has been released! It's really neat. Oh! I can't wait until the movie comes out!


  1. The video clip was cool ;{

  2. Awesome battles. Not so awesome story. lol I heard they're taking alot out.

  3. I LOVE NARNIA!!!! I am a big Narnian fan and I encourage everyone (12 years on up) to go see this movie. Get all the info you want about it at Narniaweb.com I have been waiting and getting updates on this movie for almost three years!

    Sorry Amanda; it sounds like I am blogging on your blog! Hahaha!

    God bless,
    Queen Susan the Gentle (Vicki M.)

  4. I cannot wait either!!! It looks like it is going to be really good.

    Though, Caspian's hair is the wrong color...did anyone else notice that? But that's okay, I think the actor that is playing Caspian looks like what I think Caspian should look like in everything but hair color.


    ~Jo March

  5. Oh man I can't wait to see it!

    cool blog!

  6. Too exciting! It would be fun to see it in theaters on May 16 at 12:01 AM! A late night(or early morning, whichever way you prefer to look at it) it would be, but the fun-ness would outweigh the recovery time that would be required! [grin]


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