May 16, 2009

Narnia Fun

In honor of today being the one year anniversary of the release of the movie "Prince Caspian" (YAY!!!!) i am doing this Narnia Tag that i got from Vicki's blog. =)
(And as an added bonus, here is a link to the review i wrote about it.)

Fav. Narnia Book? The Horse and His Boy (shall reffer to it as HHB)

Fav. Character? Hmm, from the whole series - Aslan of course. And from HHB - Bree!!!!! Who else? ;)

Fav. Pevensie? Lucy is my favorite. Sorry Peter dear!

Fav, King or Queen? Alsan, naturally

Fav. Talking Animal? REEPICHEEP!

Fav. Gift from Father Christmas? That healing juice that Lucy got! Very handy!

Fav. Weapon? Oh lets see... Peter's sword!

Fav. Bad guy? Ooh... hmmm... well, NOT that monkey from The Last Battle. *shivers* Ick. I'd say i like the villian from HHB the best. (And i can't even remember his name. =P Aren't i a wonderful Narnia fan?)

Fav. "added scene" in movies? Okay, some people (a lot of people actually) are going to be mad but... i'm going to have to say the Susan/Caspian kiss. While i don't think they would have worked out in the long run so its fine with me that they got seperated, i do like that part.

Fav outfit (in movie)?

Lucy's going home dress from PC, above and beyond! And then the girl's coronation gowns from LLW

Fav. Line or quote from book or movie?

  1. "Yes, i am a mouse" ~ Reepicheep
  2. "I was so tall!" "You were older then" "As opposed to know, hundreds of years later, when you're younger" ~ Lucy, Susan and Edmund
  3. "Don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?" "Um, we are kids?" 'Well i wasn't always." ~ Peter and Emudnd
  4. "I wish you would all stop acting like grown-ups!" "I am a grown-up". ~ Lucy and Trumpkin
  5. “Tell me Prince…” “King.” “Pardon me?” “It’s King Edmund, actually. Just King though. Peter’s the High King. I know. It’s confusing.” ~Miraz and Ed
  6. "Beaver also mentioned you planned on turning him into a hat" ~ Aslan
  7. "Shut up! You think you are dead, but you're not!" ~ Edmund, in the bloopers. ;)


~Mr. or Mrs. Beaver? Oh uh... Mr. Beaver

Orieus or Glenstorm? Mmm, Orieus. He has more clothing on.

Peter or Edmund? I shall shock you all and say that i like Edmund better. =)

Susan or Lucy? Lucy!

Jadis or Miraz? Oh i like Miraz better. At least he's not some half-giant person. And he has a cool accent.

Jill or Eustace? Eustace

Reepicheep or Trufflehunter? Reepicheep!!!!

Trumpkin or Nikabrik? Trumpkin!

Polly or Digory? I like Polly better

Bree or Hwin? Bree! And he should have married Hwin!

Aravis or Shasta? Shasta. Cooler name, cooler person.

Rilian or Tirian? Tirian!

Coriakin (the magician) or Ramandu (the star)? Ramandu i guess

Awww.... that's it? Oh well. It was fun! Happy-Anniversary-of-Prince-Caspian's-Release! (Ha ha ha)

*sits and waits for someone to ask: So if Peter isn't your favorite Pevensie, king or character and you like Edmund better ... then why did you marry Peter!?!?!"*


  1. WE have a dog named Shasta! =D

  2. Hey Rose!

    When I started reading this, I thought I could repost it on my blog...then I realized that I would answer almost every single question the same as you did!

  3. GGAAAAHHHHH!!! HOW COULD I!?!?! HOW COULD I!!!?!?!?!?! I FORGOT TODAY WAS THE DAY PC CAME OUT!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!! I know why i forgot...i had to work an 8 hour shift. still no excuse though. Gah, i can't believe i did that!!! *runs off to post*

    and don't feel bad about liking the kiss scene....i really liked it too. ;)

  4. @ Earwen - That is cool!!!

    @ Elena - Ha ha, great minds think alike. ;)

    @ Vicki - *gasp* For shame! Don't worry about it though... i saw Jo March today and her sister and we didn't even mention it once! *faints* Probably because Jo's little sis is a new pirate fan. =)

  5. So, I have to ask: So if Peter isn't your favorite Pevensie, king or character and you like Edmund better ... then why did you marry Peter!?!?!


  6. Finally! LoL... okay, so i married Peter for the simple reason that i had an almost crush on him after LWW because i think that is very good looking. =) (i know... i married a guy for his looks instead of his character. =P Edmund was too young for me anyhow. ;) )

    Also, prior to PC coming out, some friends of mine and i had a duel as to who would get to be engaged to Peter. (This was non-forum related, btw). I won. ;) Then later, after the movie came out, i think, Grace from the forum (who i had previously adopted) said "Don't i need a dad?" We tossed around a few ideas and then i said "well, since i'm already engaged to Peter, i'll just marry him!"

    And that is the story of how Peter and i were wed. =) I'm working on writing a more romantic version. ;)

  7. @ Rose, Yes, I am so ashamed I forgot to mention it!! How could I! Together for so many hours and we didn't discuss it once! You will be glad to know that I did watch a few scenes when we got home, though. :)

    @Vicki, just an fyi, I won Caspian in this non-forum related duel. *sniff* but you did have to go marry him on the forum anyway. :( But its okay! My prince is coming!

    Oh, and I like the Susan/Caspian kissing scene too. No worries, Rose! :)


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