May 28, 2009

For all of you who have seemingly unsolvable problems, no idea what to go to college for or don't know what to do with your life, my advice to you:

Find a husband!

(Sorry, inside joke. But those of you who are inside are either going to hit me or roll on the floor laughing. ;) )


  1. So is that why you never answered my question on Sunday? :)

  2. @ Roger - ;) Maybe! But you only asked me what colleges i was looking at, not what i wanted to study.

  3. *rolls eyes then burst out laughing!*

    (and yes i am commenting on your blog!)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I am definitely rolling on the floor laughing!! :) You are too funny; I can't believe you posted this!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    Too much fun! Thanks for a great laugh!
    ~Jo March

    P.S. Too bad I can't find one... ;) Anyone care to volunteer. Just kidding, just kidding! :)

  5. @ Yavi - *gapes and faints dead away 'cause my sister actually commented!*

    @ Hannah - I know. ;)

    @ Jo - You are welcome dear sister! I am pleased that you laughed, just as expected!

  6. Ps to my comment to Jo.
    Now to see if Fishy's response is as expected....

  7. Hi! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I love Tippy, and I'm glad you like him too. (I think I'm rather in love with him, if only he were human sized...!) I really like your blog too. :D

  8. *rolls eyes* Yes...I'll give you the expected response!!! =) If this thing will even let me comment (Usually it won't)!

    But, I have to admit I was thinking of you tonight because I was laying the Pacek's hammock (I was there for music practice) dreaming of such things...sort of.

    Love you Rose, even with all of your “husband” obsessions!!!! ;-P

    See you soon,
    you know who! ;o)

  9. @ CD - Naturally you wouldn't. ;)

    @ Fishy - Love you too!


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