May 9, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 9

First off, here are the long overdue dandelion photos, which were taken just two days after this post

If you think that was a lot of dandelions, the next day you could hardly even see the grass! Alas, i didn't get pictures of it because then you could see the grass... because Yavi mowed the lawn. But see? I told you there would be a ton more! Now they are all dead and we have to look at the ugly brown stalks with semi-fluffy white "marshmallows" on top. Ick.


An awesome video that you all must watch! I won't tell you what it is about... because it would spoil the ending! Just watch it!


40 Days for Life Spring 2009 Campaign Report from David on Vimeo.

Another video, this one from 40 Days for Life. If you have not previously been a part of this amazing pro-life ministry, watch the video and then i am sure you will at least sign up for the e-mails.

~ 4 ~
A little something that i made for the month of May and beyond. I thought it would be great if all of us Catholic bloggers put either the picture above, or something that you made, or even just text on your blog sidebar to tell the world that we pray the Rosary and aren't ashamed of the fact!


Also for the month of May, i would like to share something with all of you that my sister Yavi made. I think it turned out really great!

You can click on the image to view it in a larger size.

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