May 23, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 9


Yay! I actually have time to do it this week! Amazing. Now to think of 5 quick things...

~ 2 ~
Some graphic art things from me for the fan movie "The Hunt For Gollum". The Hunt for Gollum is a fan made movie (like i already said), about 40 minutes long and can be found and watched online. I will say that i was very impressed with the quality of it, the actors, the music, the action was all very well done and very Lord of the Rings-ish. I highly recomend it!






This last one is a wallpaper, so you can click on it to see it full size. (Er, at least i think you can...)

~ 3 ~
The very first theatrical trailer for The Shadow of the Bear is out!!!! I just watched it, and it's very cool! All of you must watch it! Here is the link!

~ 4 ~

A new and very lovely bracelet from "Handmaid for the Lord Jewelry"!

This beautiful devotional bracelet is a gorgeous blend of amethyst beads: auroray borealis crystals, fiber optics (cat's eye), and cathedral cut crystals. We've completed the bracelet with a beautiful, pewter, heart toggle clasp.
7.5" long, gift boxed.

We have added the dotted cross and Miraculous Medal as examples for customizing. You choose 2 of your own!

Handmaid for the Lord also has two new saints chaplets as well, so you might want to check those out too!

~ 5 ~
Because i'm desperate for #5, and because this was just too weird.... a Simarillion Madlibs.

The nail file of Fëanor

Fëanor fainted a terrible nail file. His -5/8 second cousin twice removed leapt straightway to his side and fainted the selfsame nail file together, and red as blood shone their drawn drill in the glare of the torches. They fainted a nail file which none shall preen, and none should glare, by the name even of Ilúvatar, calling the Everlasting Dark upon them if they kept it not; and Taylor Swift they named in witness, and Barak Obama, and the hallowed mountain of sushi, vowing to pursue with vengeance and hatred to the ends of the World accountant, cashier, waiter or dentist as yet unborn, or any creature, flowered or grotesque, good or evil, that time should bring forth unto the end of days, whoso should clean or swim or keep a armadillo from their possession.


  1. Could you explain the nail file part? It all seemed to run together. :-)

  2. Er, no, sorry i can't. It is a MadLib, and as such is totally unexplainable and run together and there is no logical way that it can or should make sense.

  3. Ha,ha! Rose, I looove the mad lib! those things are so much fun. :) I love the graphic art, as well. Great work!



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