March 4, 2015

Trying to Slow Down

Guys, life is crazy.  It's good... but it's absolutely crazy.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed and stressed the past week or so and stretched way too thin. My room is a mess, I have a list of things I need to get done, I was falling behind on homework and kept forgetting about assignments because I never had time to do them.  There was no time for anything, and as I tried to figure out what I could cut out to give me some extra time, I realized there wasn't anything.  All I do is go to school, go to work afterwards, go to work the next day and go to work again once I'm done with that work - and repeat.

I realized today that for the past month I've been doing at least 12 - 15hr days, almost every day of the week.  Good grief, no wonder I've been stressed and on a Tylenol binge for headaches for the past week.

 This Monday I did have a bit of a meltdown when I realized that it was going to snow that night and add on an hour to my already hour long commute at 6:30am the next morning and that with my schedule for the upcoming week I wouldn't have a moment to stop and breathe, let alone do the assignments that had all suddenly snuck up on me. Heck, I barely even had time to shower or pack multiple meals.

After talking with my parents and my Knight... I decided I was going to call into Job #2 (the office job) and let my supervisor know that I just couldn't make it in this week. Technically it's an "internship" so they understood about needing to make time for my schoolwork.

I know next week I'll have to go back, but for this week it's been so good to have time to actually be at my house and sit down for a while.  I knocked out a good chunk of homework yesterday, and tomorrow I'll have the day off from both jobs so I'll be able to tackle the rest, finally get in my FAFSA paperwork for the next school year and do some much needed organizing and cleaning in my room.

It's hard to slow down when you don't have any way of putting on the breaks, because this is all stuff that I have to do.  But at least I have one job where I can call off for just one week... and thank goodness spring break is just around the corner.  I think I can make it!

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  1. Spring break is the best thing to happen to college people. Praying you find some peace during yours. :)

    The Starving Inspired


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