February 24, 2015

He Knows What He's Doing

I was sitting in adoration, reading the first chapter of Genesis and attempting to find some sort of meditation in it.  I'm not the best at meditating and meaningful reflections, and it's tough when it's a story you've heard over and over again.  The Creation of the World - so much has already been said on it, what else could I draw from that story?

I sat there, asking myself "what does this mean?"  The answer was silence, and then, "Well... it means God created the world, duh."  I sighed and decided to ask myself a different question.

"What can I learn from this?"

What could I learn from this? It's one of those stories that you can pretty much take at face value, aside from the theological debate as to whether it was actually a literal seven days or merely just figurative.  That was all fine and dandy, but it really had no pertinence to my life as to whether it was literal or figurative. The world was created, I'm here, that's good enough for me.

At this moment, I can't quite recall how the thought came into my mind, but somehow I made it from the time it took God to create the world, to the fact that it took God time to create the world.

He could have made it all in one day.  He had everything He was going to do planned out from all eternity; He didn't take His time creating the world because He was making it up as He went and had to keep stopping to figure out what He was going to create next. He could have said "Here's the world" and bam, there it would have been.

But He didn't do it like that... and I think I know a possible reason why.

He took His time creating the world, even when He knew exactly what He was going to do ahead of time, to teach us that He doesn't reveal His plans all at once.  Say for a moment God had created Adam first, and he was floating around somewhere watching God to create the planet that would be his home.  I can imagine their conversation something like this...

Adam: So, God... I noticed that we have night and day, and that's nice, but where am I going to live?
God: Just wait, you'll see.
Adam: Okay... so now there's that big globe thing, but it looks kind of - well - how am I going to live on that? It's, like, all water.
God: Does it look like I'm finished yet?
Adam: No....
God: Okay then.
Adam: Now there's land at least.
God: ....
Adam: This make a little more sense.  Some of those plants look good to eat, and I like those star things at night.  Are you done yet?
God: Be patient, there is still more.
Adam: Really?
God: Now I am finished.

At that point, Adam would stand back and look around in silence, realizing that God had thought of everything he could possibly need.  When God had started creation, Adam really had no clue how this was going to turn out to be anything, but seeing everything completed would make Adam realize that it was a good thing God was coming up with these plans, and not him.

I think the message of Genesis Chapter 1 is that we need to trust.  Trust that God has a plan, and He knows exactly what it is,  It's not going to make sense to us at the time, and we won't be able to see how any of this weird stuff is going to make sense in the end.  But that's okay, because when God knows what He is doing, and when we get to the seventh day, when it's all been revealed, we will be amazed at what He has done, and thankful that we have a God who loves us enough to plan such wonderful things.


As long as I have you here, I just wanted to give my great readers and update on the Voice!

I went, I auditioned, and I came home.  Even though I didn't get to move on, I am happy with how I sang and it was sooo much fun.  Thank you all so much for your lovely words of support!


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