February 17, 2008

John Paul 2, We Love You!

O Papa, my heart is aching.
O Papa, you left us still wanting you. *

Last night, my family and I finished watching the movie "Pope John Paul II", and inspiring and moving video on Pope John Paul the Second. I was moved by this great man's life story, one I was only around for the end of. Produced by Ignatius Press, in cooperation with the Vatican, this is one film worth watching.

You kept a spirit of humbleness

Tore down the curtain of Communisits

Moving forward spreading

truth... peace... *

While such a great man must be hard to potray to the satisfaction of those who knew him, the actors picked for the Pope did an outstanding job. I was so moved at how much they looked and sounded like our dear Holy Father. The rest of the actors were no less amazing. Even though the film stars many big name actors (Jon Voight, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lee, Ben Gazzara and James Cromwell) it is not the actors that you see, but the people that they potray.

You touched our heart with,

Your prayer and your suffering and,

Brought us the years of

the Rosary and Eucharist. *

"Had I won the Emmy, I was going to say the following: 'Playing John Paul II brought me peace withing and humbled me greatly. It was an amazing adventure. His love touched us all'. Those were the words in my pocket." said Voight.

"If you get to play a million roles as an actor, you're lucky to be remembered for one," said Elwes. "If I'm remembered for this one, I'll be very lucky." ..."I draw the line now. I won't do roles that are flippant, or filled with expletives for no reason, or that have no value. Playing John Paul Really defined that for me."**

Oh Papa, So be it Amen.
Oh Papa, So be it Amen. *
*"Oh Papa" by Simonetta

**John Paul II companion booklet


  1. At some parts in the movie I felt like crying.

  2. I think I saw that one a while back. There are two films out...aren't there? I recognize Jon Voight in there, and I also believe that Christopher Lee (Saruman) made an appearance as a Cardinal.

  3. when andys friends came over we watched Pope John Pahl 2 i thought it was a really great movie!


  4. I agree 1000% with you Amanda! This really was such a well done movie of such an incredibly amazing, undeniably inspiring man!! I would like to add this one to our library! Can't wait to hear Simonetta's new album!!

  5. I love this movie! It is so great!

  6. To answer your question about the "slacks-skirt":
    You're going to need two triangles (one for the front, one for the back). Each triangle should be about 16 inches across at the bottom, wide enough so you can walk/run easily. Just lay the pants out with legs spread about 16 in. between, front up, with the piece you want in front slightly underneath the legs. Cut it the shape of the upside-down “V”, with about 5/8 inch for the seam. Pin it in. Then turn the pants over, backside up, and repeat. Pin, sew, and you’re done!
    (hope that makes sense. Ask me if it doesn't) :)

  7. [...]There are two films out...aren't there?[...]

    I believe there are. If I am correct, the other one is called "Karol: The Man Who Became Pope." I may be wrong.

    Bryant, thanks for the directions! I'll be sure and post a picture of the finished project!


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