February 3, 2008


In the year 1865, the Civil War ended, and the Reconstruction period.... hold on a minute. Oh, not that reconstruction. This reconstruction was not of a country, but of a dress. Mea culpa. (Guys, this is about sewing. =)

Yes, I did my first remaking of a dress! My mom (for some reason) still had the dress she wore as a bridesmaid in my aunts wedding. I've been wanting to wear it for sometime now, but this is the first year it actually 'fit'. The old top was too low, so I ripped it off and made a whole new one. It looks very nice, if I do say so myself. It was amazing that we were able to find material that matched so well! You can hardly tell the difference, other than the new one being more blue than the old one, and oh yes, the very raised neckline. Pictures anyone?

This is what the old top looked like. Beautiful, but just not modest. The photo directly below this text is after I ripped it off. Believe me, it requires courage to rip apart something that elegant!

And here is the finished top! I know, it is rather difficult to see, but in the next post about the event that I wore it for, it might be easier for you fellow sewers to see it. So moving on....


  1. You did a great job re-making the bodice... it looks just lovely! I love the rich blue colour, too.

  2. Beautiful!
    I absolutely adore recycling clothes!


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