February 17, 2008

Announcing the Upcoming Preformance of...


written by Thoedore Dubois
Directed by Simonetta Pacek
Sung by the Passion and Most Blessed Sacrament Choirs
Accompanied by a beautiful Orchestra

"The Seven Last Words of Christ" consists of Christ's 7 last phrases from the Cross (e.g.: "Father, why have you forsaken me?"). The work is a sacred, classical masterpiece, written for an orchestra, chorus, and vocal soloists. The Troupe will create a complimentary live theatrical setting for the musical work, with actors and visual effects. This is a lovely and moving, Lenten meditation.

For Tickets and more information, visit the Little Flowers Catholic Dance and Theater Troupe website.


  1. Amanda, I live to far to see the play, so could you tell me who the main actors are? It looks like a great play!
    God bless,
    Vicki M.

  2. Arggh!!! I'm ANGRY at you for posting this. Now we might get MOBS of people.


  3. Sure Vicki! Jesus is played by Scott Hanson, The Blessed Mother is played by Emma Santschi, Mary Magdelene is played by Bernadette Calvino and St. John is played by Theresa Schmitz. My DAD is going to be Pontious [sp?] Pilate, and no, he is NOT shaving his head! (I refused to let him, as did his mother.)

    Miss Fishy, isn't that a good thing??? Besides, how many tickets have you sold? Hmm????? Last I heard you hadn't! So isn't this a good thing, that I am publisizing it do broadly to the handful of people who read my blog?
    You may be satisfied that any who want tickets will not get them from me, because they have no way of contacting me. SO THERE!

  4. Wrong, I'm not Miss Fishy, and actually, I've sold lots (well sort of) of tickets. Guess again!

    P.S. My first message may give you a hint. =)

  5. Haha! very funny (ANGRY and MOBS)

  6. I do not get ANGERY very esey, even though I am ANGERY MOB person in the play :)

  7. OK, if it's not Miss Fishy, (She uses 'Guess who' on occaison, that's why I thought it was her=)
    Then it must be my dear brother St. James the Lesser, (Hmm, I wonder if St. Jude was the one who gave him the title of "the Lesser"). And if it is not St. James (AKA, Miss March) then it must be a different angry mob person.

  8. =)

    You got it!! Yeah, that was kind of corny (sorry). I'm not very good at puns, but I like them so I make them (quite badly) when I can.

    God bless and see ya Thursday.

    BTW, I think St. James the Lesser got that name because he was shorter, hence the reason I got the part. =) =) =)

    No actually, I think he is St. James the Lesser b/c he is mentioned less in the Gospels.

    ~Jo March

  9. Yeah, maybe that's it. So, is the St. James in the Acts of the Apostles St. James the Greater, or the Lesser? And which one wrote the book of James? (Well, technically it's the "Letter of James). It don't say no where who done it. (Pathetic English on purpose).

    BTW, I havn't come up with an 'angry mob name' yet. Yaviel has Vashti, which gave me the idea of Xerxes. (Some people think that was the kings name in the book of Esther - others say Ahasuerus - I perfer Xerxes =)
    However, does Xerxes sound to un-Hebrew? Cool name though. See ya' Monday! =0 (DRESS REHERSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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