July 23, 2010

The Shadow of the Bear

I've wanted to do reviews on The Fairy Tale Novels for a while, but I always felt that there wasn't a point 'cause most of my readers already know about the books.  But I decided recently that not necessarily all of my followers know about the books, I enjoy reading reviews about books I've read so maybe other people will too and it shall be book review writing practice.  So here it goes the first review...

Once upon a time in New York City, there was a little house that stood in the midst of the forest of houses, streetlights, high rises and skyscrapers.   In the little house lived a widow named Jean Brier and her two daughters, Blanche and Rose.

Blanche: Hello.

Rose: Hey there!  I'm Rose and this is my older sister Blanche. Oh wait... the review author already introduced us.  Sorry.  Continue!

Thank you.

Now their lives were rather dull and ordinary, they went to their -

Rose: Hey, we are not dull and ordinary!  How can life be dull and ordinary when there is so much to it!

I meant more in the sense that you didn't have any friends and spent your time at school or at home.

Rose: Oh.  Well I wouldn't consider no friends as having a dull life!  But yeah, you have a point... but then we met Bear!

I was just about to say that.

Their lives where NOT dull and ordinary, they merely did not have any friends until one wintry night when their mother was late in returning...

Rose: Blanche, this person talks so funny!

Blanche: ROSE!

Alright fine Miss Rose.  Since you don't seem to like my style of writing, you write the review!

Rose: Oh sure!  Wait - review?

Blanche: Of "The Shadow of the Bear", the book we're in?


Blanche: Yes...

Rose: COOL!  Hey, review writer ... um... you there?  Drat, she left.  Okay, well, like the girl said, we didn't really have any friends until one night when my mom was coming home late she almost got hit by this car and she fell and dropped all the grocheries.  That's when we met Bear.  

Blanche:  Bear had dragged mother out of the way of the car and then helped her bring in the groceries to our house.  It had been really cold that day, and Bear didn't have very good shoes on, so Mom made him come in so she could check for frostbite.

Rose: Mom's a nurse so she knows all about that stuff.  So there he was... a mysterious stranger in our living room with a bewildered face and dreadlocks.

Blanche: The dreadlocks were bewildered?

Rose: No, his face was and he had dreadlocks.  I thought him quite nice, especially after he quoted "The Ballad of the White Horse".  Ah, poetry!

Blanche: I didn't trust him though.  You see, at Saint Catharine, the school Rose and I went to, some of the kids did drugs and I was sure I had seen him hanging out with them.  I found out later that I was right - Bear did hang out with them, but not for the reasons I thought he did.

Rose: No indeed.  He was a prince in disguise, hunting down an evil dwarf and we unsuspecting maidens were soon caught up in a whirl of events beyond our control that came to a climax when - 

Blanche: Rose, you can't tell them what happens.  This is a book review, not the book itself.

Rose: Oh of course.  So if you want to find out what happens, read "The Shadow of the Bear" by Regina Doman.  Blanche, what comes in next in a book review?

Blanche: Usually the reviewer talks about what they enjoyed the most or what potential readers will enjoy, what knowledge and insight they can gain from the main characters...

Rose: Awkward. Umm... much can be learned from my lovely, vibrant personality and uh...

Alright, I'll help you out with this part.

One of the great things about The Shadow of the Bear is it's universal appeal.  It's written with a very Catholic perspective, but I have Protestant friends who love it as much as I do.  The main characters are two girls and the book is from their perspective, but guys enjoy it as well.  It is written for teen readers, but my mom and grandma have read all the books.  There is something for everyone here.  Romance. Adventure.  Mystery.  Faith.
If you are looking for a exciting new book to read, I highly recommend "The Shadow of the Bear".

Blanche: And keep your eye out for updates on the movie too! http://theshadowofthebear.blogspot.com/

Rose: NOW THERE'S A MOVIE!?!?!  Catch me Blanche, I think I'm going to faint!


  1. Awesome review, Rose! I'm going to link to it!

  2. This is super great and funny!!! Loved it! I would definitely get this book if I had never read it (or heard of it) before!

  3. LOL! That is an AWESOME review!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome review, Lady Rose! I really enjoyed it. ~Vi Pevensie

  5. You really captured their "vibrant personalities." It's an excellent review for an excellent book.

  6. HAHAHAHAA! OMG! That's hilarious! How come I never read this?!
    Gah. Awesomness again Aunty Rose! :D :D :D Thy brillaince is staggeringly amazing. :D

  7. This is so awesome. I love it. Love it. :D

  8. *sighs fondly* It was reading your review of this book and of Black as Night that got me convinced to check out the books from the library almost two years ago... and my life has changed so much because of it! So, thank you bunches!!


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