February 2, 2015

Super Bowl, Snow and Lent

So I watched the last minute of the Super Bowl last night. That was exciting.  I was working at le hotel and we had a little Super Bowl party, but you can't see the TVs from the front desk (lame!) so I didn't really watch the game myself.  Which is alright. I only decided after the game that I'd been rooting for the Patriots because Patriots = New England = My Knight. Yay Patriots!

And that's that topic.

In more exciting news, we got dumped with 19 inches of snow yesterday and high winds, which means that when you have three miles of country roads to drive through in order to get home from work, and said roads are pretty much impassible until the snow stops because what is even the point of plowing when it all just blows back into place behind you, that it's a darn good thing to work at a hotel where you can just grab a room and crash at 11:30 at night when you get off work.

Life is just so tough sometimes.  I mean, a whole king size bed to myself?  WiFi that I can watch Netflix on without having o worry about bogging down the internet and having people grouse over how slow it is?  Oh the trials.

Moving on to Lent.

Can it be true that Ash Wednesday is already just a few weeks away? I somehow missed that yesterday was the first day of February, so now I'm trying to adjust my brain to it being February 2nd.  The time is going by just so fast.  

Lent is always a bit of a struggle for me.  Finding something to give up or do that I know I can stick with, without going overboard, while still finding something that's actually a challenge to give up.  

Luckily LifeTeen is to the rescue again 102 Things You Should Really Give Up For Lent.  It hasn't helped me decide on anything, but it did help me rule out a few things that I know are way out of my capabilities as a fallen human being.

#5 is not happening any time soon... definitely not #9. I must hide my true feelings behind all the emjois!  (haha, and you thought I was going to highlight #8 didn't you, oh sisters of mine reading this blog!)

And while we all know that #52 is pretty much impossible, #45 is taking it way too far.  I mean really? Who even comes up with stuff like this!  

So what are(n't) you giving up for Lent?  I still need ideas!

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