March 9, 2015

Got Someone Watching Out For Me

Last week, I wrote a post about how crazy life has been, how exhausted and stressed I've become from constantly running and running and running.  Even fun things like socializing with friends and hanging out were becoming a stress-source because it was just one. more. place. I had to go to.

I ended up taking the week off of one of my jobs, and the did help somewhat.  I got some homework done, found time to do a little cleaning in my room.   It was nice.  I got a little break, and started gearing myself to jump back into crazy life again this week.

And then I went to work Sunday morning at the hotel, got my new schedule and saw that I'm only scheduled for one day this week.  I'll be honest, my first thought was "Carp!  What did I do wrong? Did I mess up? Are they mad at me?"  Then I talked myself out of that by reminding myself that fortunately I have managers who would tell me if I do something wrong, not passive-aggressively punish me by giving me less hours. 

I texted my Knight, still a little "OhmygoshI'mnotworkingatALLLLL" and freaking out, and he texted me back with "Well.... isn't that what you wanted?"  And I was all "Oh.... yeah. You're right.  I did want that."

So I took a look at my schedule and it is blissfully - open.  On Monday, I only have two of my three classes and get out early.  Tuesday, I only have to work one job.  Wednesday, I have one out of two classes and will be done with everything for the day by 9:30 in the morning.  Thursday, I have one job.  Friday - abso-beautifully nothing.  Saturday, one job. Best off all - I don't have to work at ALL on Sunday, and I'll be able to go to Mass in the morning with my family for only the third time in the last two months.  (Yes, I HAVE been attending Mass - just on Saturday evenings, alone.)

My mom joked that maybe my boss read my blog and had pity on me.  I think God was taking care of me this week, because He knew I was reaching the point where I was handling as much as I could possibly handle.  It's little things like this that remind me that He does care about me.

Because best of all - I have a ton of free time, and it's going to be absolutely beautiful gorgeous finally spring weather all week long.


  1. Haha, I don't know why, but I am terrified of the possibility that my boss reads my blog. But then I remember that him reading my blog got me my job, sooooooo. ;) I think you're good.


    The Starving Inspired

    1. Haha, I know some of my co-workers do... but I'm preeetttyyyyy sure neither of my bosses do. At the time I was hired, I had my blog set so it wouldn't show up in a Google search, and we aren't friends on Facebook ;-) It's more public now, so I guess the next time I go looking for a job... *gulps*

  2. God is the best. Seriously! I love it when He does stuff like this to people. Congratulations at getting to take a step back from the craziness of life!


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