March 15, 2015

A Bit O' Green: St. Patrick's Day Style Part I

 Goodness, it has been so long since I've done a style post!  I picked up a few new green things to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the return of spring with, so I thought - what better time to do a new style blog?

My dad's side of the family has Irish heritage, and celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a big family meal is a long standing tradition.  Yesterday we celebrated at my aunt's house, and I broke out my new Kelly green top for the occasion.

I paired it with a black skirt I've had for eons, along with heels and a black shrug for Mass in the morning, and changed up into black jeans, pumps and a gray light sweater for dinner in the evening.

Because people I know tend to freak out about this ALL the time - that's a purity ring, not an engagement ring

Green Shirt - Khols
Black Shrug - Khols
Black Skirt - Christopher and Banks
Gray Sweater - Thrifted
Black Jeans  - Khols
Black Heels - Payless
Black Pumps - Payless
Bracelet and Earrings - Charming Charlie's
"Flaming Lava" Lipstick - Revlon

Coming.... sometime... this week.... hopefully.... what I wore actually on Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. *bangs head on wall* Must remember to wear green, or I will be pinched all day long. Somehow, I always (ALWAYS) forget. I'm a shame to the Irish people.

    The Starving Inspired

  2. Are your nails green and ORANGE!? *tsk tsk* Orange is the color of Protestant Ireland. Irish Catholics never wear orange on St. Patrick's day!!


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