October 25, 2011

The things one does late at night...

It's not often I'm still creatively functioning by 11pm at night, but on the occasions when I am, interesting things can happen.

Tonight, for example... or rather, last night since it's now this morning.... I was chatting with the boyfriend and I look out the window to see a firetruck and an ambulance parked in the street by my dorm.  Being curious, I of course stood by my window to see what was going on and ran down the hallway to look out the window at the end and get a better view.  Nothing was happening though, so I lost interest and went back to chatting, reassuring Paul - who was concerned that my curiosity might get me into trouble - that I had stayed inside, and I only would've gone outside to see what was going on if there had been police cars and people running around.

He mentioned a murder for some reason, and before long we'd come up with a plan where - if I went outside to see what the excitement was about, bumped into the murderer and was taken hostage - he would come find and rescue me, propose and win the lottery all in the same night.  With the money from the lottery and the reward money from catching the murderer, we could then drop out of college and elope. 

He dozed off around then, and I ended up figuring out whether or not a murderer would be more likely to take me hostage or just kill me... and then, if I got hostaged (yes, as of tonight, that's a word) by drug dealers if I would stay alive longer if Paul was taking too long to rescue me.  I think I decided that I'd stay alive longer with the murderer who would only have a knife and/or a gun, and the knife could get dropped and the gun run out of bullets from shooting at the cops.  The drug gang, on the other hand, would probably have knives, guns and plenty of drugs they could give me an overdose of to kill me with.

The above comment prompted a status update on Facebook, which then led to a 119 comment conversation between two friends of mine and me - the outcome of which was that a) if Paul and I ever eloped, Paul would not stay alive for very long and b) we're going to have awesome bachelorette and bachelor parties - my party will be Doctor Who/Fairy Tale themed and his will involve paintball and swords.  Oh, and my wedding colors are now Tardis and Our Lady blue...

And then I left that conversation to go hang out *cough* quietly *cough* with some floormates, practice my angry ghetto face and hide in the bathroom.  Now it's 1:40 and I'm still not tired... I think I'll go do some French homework...


  1. wow. Interesting conversation

  2. Talk about feeling bad for falling asleep. :P I might have stayed alive. LOL


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