July 24, 2012

One Year...

It is amazing how fast a year can seem to fly by.  As you are living it, there are many places where it seems to drag, but then you look back and it's as if it all happened within a blink of an eye.  Sometimes that's a good thing, I suppose... but other times I do wish it all passed just a little more slowly.  The good parts, anyhow, so that I can hold onto and savor them for a little bit longer.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow it will have already been two weeks since July 11th. That was the day when I got to see my Knight again after four, long months since our last visit.  He flew into Chicago that day, our one year anniversary.  We had a beautiful twelve days together, and all too soon yesterday came and we were driving back to the airport.

How did two weeks already pass by so fast? How did a year go so quickly?  Those are the moments that I wish I could slow down and hold onto forever, because they are so wonderful and precious.

One year already... a little over a year ago I hardly dared to hope that my Knight would ever fall for me, and then suddenly everything fell into place and he had written me a letter asking to court me, and I wrote him a letter saying yes.  Every thing since then has been an amazing adventure... he's been out to see me three times now, I took my first plane flight out to the East coast to see him, we shared our first kiss, we've spent hours talking over chats, texts, phone calls, skype, e-mail, letters, voice recordings - practically every method of communication short of smoke signals, because we're a little too far apart for that - we gotten to know each other more and fallen deeper in love.

It's been a wonderful one year, one that has passed by too fast, despite the times of separation when it seemed like forever.  There are many beautiful memories that I have to hold onto, and look back on and cherish though.... so in a way, while it seemed to fly by, it will never end.

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