September 19, 2012

International Work Out Like a Pirate Day

As many o' ye know today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In honor 'n celebration o' this fact, as well from a desire t' avoid t' routine cardio work out that was schedule fer today, I recalled an exercise idea I had seen on Pinterest 'n thought I'd put me owns spin on it.

Wha' we did was loot th' film "Pirates o' th' Caribbean: Th' Curse o' th' Black Pearl" 'n come up wit' a routine based on common words or actions.  'twas modified a bit as we went through, but th' basic routine was as follows:
  • Every time someone says "Will" - 5-7 push ups
  • Every time someone says "Elizabeth" - 5-7 dumbbell side t' sides (lad we did a LOT o' those..)
  • When a gun/cannon was fired - 5-7 bicycle crunches OR runnin' in galleon
  • Every time someone says "Captain Jack Sparrow" (without th' 'Captain' doesn't count!) - 5-7 dumbbell upper cuts
  • Every time someone says "Th' Black Pearl" - hold a plank fer 5-7 seconds
We did this fer about an hour 'n I reckon it ended up bein' a success!  Perhaps down th' road we'll do a Lord o' th' Rin's edition in honor o' Th' Hobbit... 

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