January 29, 2008

A Fairy Tale Sleepover....

Hello! This is Blanche and Rose Brier and we are from.... Regina Doman's books: The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night and Waking Rose. (OK, so we are actually Amanda and Veronica. Shh!) And we are having a sleepover, which really doesn't make sense since we are sisters but..... (this is Rose talking by the way!)
(Blanche) But we think it's ok to pretend....after all, isn't that what these books are about?

Blanche, are you saying we aren't real!?!?!?!?!?!? And what about Bear and Fish? (Especially Fish! I can't imagine him not being real!)

Ok, what I really meant is this...They are "FairyTale" Novels - so they're real in a different way!

Oh, fine. I see what you are saying. :{ Shall we talk about what we did now? You can go first.

Here we are baking...as you can probably tell! I had some fillo dough that my mom wanted me to bake with, so we decieded to make Blackberry things and Apple things...they turned out quite good! (Rose: We came up with the name ourselves!) Aren't we creative!!!?!

Here's me and Blanche taking a picture with my camera. Wait.... that was after we baked. Who put this here?

As Rose said, this really happened before the picture taking...we decieded to taste our concoctions before we finished making them...

And here is us, still baking and talking politics! (Huckabee, of course!)

Here is me (in the bright pink apron) and Blanche in the... more Blanche-ish apron!

Blowing up the air mattress...Rose read the directions, I followed them...=)

(Rose:) In our outfits for the "op-er-ah", getting a little "culture shock"! (That Rob is sooo smart alecky!)

(Blanche) Preparing for the coma...Rose had to "fix" my hair!!!
OK, explanation of the "coma shots". In Black as Night, Blanche was in a coma (Snow White
and the Seven Dwarves) and in Waking Rose, I was in a coma (Sleeping Beauty.) So it's me, Blanche and.... some other person who we don't know who was in a coma also. (Kateri, maybe??? :{ )

We are recording a scene from The Shadow of the Bear - with our "Shadow of the White Rose Productions" (don't ask how we got the name...the other unidentified person in the coma picture above thought it up!) Rose: She was much more creative than us! (As far as naming things go....)

Well, that is about all! This was from our breakfast tea this morning! Bye!


Blanche and Rose


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Even taking pictures in Sepia, for some unkknown reason, at least unknown to me. :-)

    Maybe I should get the kids to read these books, although the coma kind of worries me.

    Spot of Tea for me, please!

  2. I really liked the coma photo =)

  3. OK, the reason for the coma; these books are basically re-tellings of fairy tales. So in the tale "Snow White and the 7 Dwarves", Snow White gets poisened by an apple and falls asleep for a while, right? And in Sleeping Beauty, she pricks her finger on the wheel and you know what happens next.
    The coma's were just modern versions of that. How many people now a days are going to stumble across a spinning wheel?

    I very highly recommend these books, they are very Catholic, and good moral books... something practiaclly non-existant on today's shelves. I would not advise anyone under 14 to read them though. And yes, they are not just for girls! There are many boys out there who have enjoyed them as well. (Right, Paul?) =)

  4. looks likes you had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!=)

  5. Yes, surprisingly they WERE Catholic, which is what I enjoyed about them. Though I did think there were too many comas in a period of Two Books. Though I think the covers seem to appeal more to girls... Oh,Amanda, I wouldn't say 'many' boys enjoyed them. I'm in the singular case. *laughs* Though there are a 'few' boys who enjoyed them. ;) It sure looks like you're a fan who knows how to have fun with the story!

  6. Blanche/Miss FishyJanuary 30, 2008 at 8:16 PM

    I love your new profile picture, Lady Rose!

  7. Amanda, I had a lot of fun watching you girls enjoy yourselves. :) I'm sorry if I seemed too busy to have time for you both... I felt bad that I was being pulled in so many other directions. The work our Lord has placed in my hands these days is rather, um, extensive! Hopefully you ladies can do another sleepover (soon) on a day that will be a little less hectic for me, and I can be more fully present. (Or maybe we'll have to disconnect the phone!) ;-)

    Your (Fairy) Godmother =)
    Phil 4:8

  8. P.S. The new profile pic is lovely!!

  9. Very fun! You guys crack me up! And whatever you were cooking looked good. =)

    See ya Thursday!

  10. Hi, I'm Emily,.I LOVE those books!
    The "Coma Shots" are great!

    Another Fairy Tale Novel fan,


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