January 9, 2010

Teen Girls Daybook

Date... Saturday, January 9th, 2010
Starting time... 11:15 AM
Mood... cold
Outside my window... er, metal from the window well
I'm thinking... That this basement is cold!
I'm reading... Buried Treasures of the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains, quite fascinating
I'm listening to... My siblings yelling at the Wii Sports game
I'm wearing... A yellow top and denim skirt
Yesterday, I... learned a few ballroom dance steps from my friends!
I'm excited for... Tomorrow, it's the Pro-Life Mass at the Cathedral
I'm sad because... I can't go to the March for Life =(
I'm hungry for... that really good nut mix
The song stuck inside my head is... Loreley, Blackmore's Night
I want... my hands to be warm
I love... crafting stories in my head
I loathe... chapped lips
This week, my goal is... to accomplish last weeks goal
Did I meet last week's goal?... *blushes* no
Ending time... 11:18 AM


  1. I do my daybook on Saturday, too :D Great minds think alike.

    I didn't quite exactly make my last week's goal either. I'll have to try harder.



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