January 2, 2010

Teen Girls Daybook

First though...

Happy 2010!!!!!!

Date... Saturday, January 2, 2010
Starting time... 2:45 PM
Mood... restless
Outside my window... Not much since I'm in the basement.  But earlier there were SIX DEER just walking through our yard!
I'm thinking... that I am cold
I'm reading... The King of Attolia =)
I'm listening to... my sibs playing Mario Kart Wii
I'm wearing... this cool shirt I got for Christmas and my green parts (pant/skirt)
Yesterday, I... Went to Mass for the feast of Theotokos (can't remember the English name, go figure!) and read and relaxed
I'm excited for... friends coming over later today and the new changes on The Forum!
I'm sad because... Monday I start school again. =P
I'm hungry for... fudge
The song stuck inside my head is... no song at the moment!
I want...a tea party
I love... music!
I loathe... school
This week, my goal is... start looking for a job
Did I meet last week's goal?... *cough* 
Ending time... 2:50 PM


  1. Happy New Year's, Mamma!

    Yay for King of A.! Your day sounds nice...look for a letter from me soon, I hope! :)



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