August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

For a number of years now I've followed along as my mom has posted the 7 Quick Takes on her blog every Friday, as well as reading the Quick Takes on Jen's blog. I was trying to think of something to blog and saw that it was Friday, so I thought "Hey, I'll give these Quick Takes a shot".

Ever since the sixth season of Doctor Who ended last Christmas, I have been eagerly following the production and filming of the seventh season.  Now the start of the seventh season is just around the corner! I'm curious to see how the first five episodes will go... after today's mini-episode of Pond Life and a few leaks, it's pretty certain that Amy and Rory's relationship is heading down the drain (NOT cool Moffat.  Not cool.) We also know that episode five "The Angels Take Manhattan" will give us the departure of the Ponds before a midseason break leading into the Christmas Special and a new companion.  The first episode premiers tomorrow - so the questions will all be answered soon!

I am an avid Pinterest follower, particularly of the dessert recipes and DIY projects and I saw this really cute gift idea the other day. 

Turning a tie into a handbag?  I think I will try this one.


Also from Pinterest - does this not look amazing???

While I tend to take after my father as far as the majority of my personality goes, I do tend to talk and tell stories in the same way that my mother does - namely, I will leave out bits of information (usually crucial to understanding what I'm talking about) because I just automatically assume that my listener knows what I'm talking about.  I experienced this again last night while telling a friend about my adventures out east with My Knight.  I was going through the highlights of the week, finished telling about the trip to the Divine Mercy Shrine, when I said how we went down to the ocean one day, "and oh! I saw an incorrupt arm!" She gave me what I guess was a confused look as I continued to talk about how interesting it was, when she interrupted me, wanting to know where exactly I had seen this arm.  I realized I hadn't mentioned it was at the Shrine of Saint Edmund of Canterbury and correct myself.  Her response was one of relief.  "Oh! Good... I thought you were walking along the beach and you found this arm, and you meant that it was just preserved or petrified or something and I was like 'AMANDA! Shouldn't you have told someone about this???'"

At some point in the last few days, my dad mentioned to the younger ones that one of his great-great-great-great grandparents was Indian, which led to the boys dressing up in war paint and creating Indian names and a discussion as to our heritage.  We're a mix of quite a few things, though we're not sure exactly how much or where it all comes from, since no one in the family has done much in the way of genealogy, save for my great-aunt on my dad's side.  I found the folder with the family tree she gave to me a few years ago and we've been looking through it.  In our brief research, we've figured out that we are approximately 12% British, our great-great-great-great-great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, a great-great-great-great grandfather was in the Civil War and our great-great-great-great grandmother was told to get on a boat going from England to Australia, rather than England to America to join her husband, and nearly did but for her brother stepping in and keeping her from being sent to increase the population of women Down Under.

I was doing some photo editing with pictures I took of My Knight during our visit, and I just love how this one turned out. I was trying to express why I liked it to my sister, and I was going on about how it looked like those black and white photos you'll see of saints on holy cards, and pictures like that and she stopped me with "You mean you like it because it looks like an old photo?"
Yeah.  Yeah, that would be why I like it.

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  1. Those cheesy bacon oven chips look AMAZING!! Definitley have to try those! Thanks for sharing!


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