August 5, 2012

A Family Holiday: Day 1

The Plan:
I go to work in the morning, mom does groceries, dad gets stuff done, in the afternoon we pack up and head out to the beach for swimming and a picnic.

The Reality:
The morning went slower than planned, so we decide to post-pone the trip to the lake until tomorrow.  Which is just as well because I ended up having a killer headache all day due to the change in weather pressure and we had a huge thunderstorm blow through in the middle of the afternoon.  We got a lot of rain that was desperately needed around here, and the power only went off... three or four times for no longer than 40 minutes.  By the time we were ready to grill the burgers for dinner the rain had stopped, which was unusual considering our track record of only grilling when it's storming or snowing or any other kind of bad weather.  (We almost never end up grilling when it's sunny out...)  Day one was finished off by watching the film "We Bought a Zoo" - a good, fun movie despite the handful of regrettable swear words including one that I'm glad I know went clean over my siblings heads - but it was funny and clean otherwise and one that we all enjoyed.

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