November 14, 2013

Come Stalk my Shelves

I don't know about you, but I love looking through the books on other people's bookshelves when I go to visit.  If not openly, then through covert glances as I oh so casually walk by.  And apparently, a lot of other people like to do the same thing, based on the awesome link-up over at Modern Mrs Darcy

Above, you can see the little bookshelf that is exclusively mine.  Not all of my books fit on it, but I bought it when I was living on campus so that I could bring my favorites with.  Now that I am home, it resides on my desk and houses the books that do not fit on the other bookshelf in my room.  Well, in my closet.  But we aren't there yet.

I think you should be able to click for a larger image

Lets start with the front row... we have the first three Temeraire books, a Nicholas Sparks, some Dorothy Sayers that I've never read because I have yet to come across the book that comes before them at the library and when I ordered it it never came in.

With the front row removed for easier viewing, we have all the Jane Austen books in one volume - an awesome 16th birthday gift from my uncle! The Hunger Games, more Nicholas Sparks.... erm.. a lot of books about dating and relationships.  I have six, only 5 are on the shelf at the moment, and not sure where the 6th one is at. On the ends since you can't see all that well we have the Anne of Green Gables Companion, and the Big Book of Doctor Who, or something along those lines.  The exact title escapes me.

Now we move into the closet.  Yes, the closet.  I share a room with my four sisters, and this used to be in the middle of the room forming an island with two dressers, but when we moved the island to give us more space the bookshelf ended up in the closet.  Which is a logical place, I think.  Most of these are mine, save for the books on Chamberlain, Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean.  Can you tell I like horses?

My beloved Lord of the Rings!  And Sherlock Holmes... my, looking through these photos I'm seeing so many books that I need to reread.  I kind of forget about them, tucked away in the closet behind my clothes.  Some of these belong to sisters, but most are mine.

Aaannnd.... with the exception of The Girl in Blue, these are all my books as well!  More Tolkien, Jeff Shaara's Civil and Revolutionary War series and another Dorothy Sayers.

Moving to the second bookshelf in the closet (that's right, we have two bookshelves in that one closet), we have the Phantom Stallion series, Catholic Reluctantly and The Fairy Tale Novels series + David Copperfield and a book of Civil War stories

I don't think any of the books on this shelf are actually mine - believe it or not, my sisters do own some of the books!  There's Princess Diaries, Inkheart and Inkspell, THE KINGS THIEF WHICH IS AN AWESOME SERIES

And last, but not least, the Redwall shelf + a book of Grimm's fairytales.  

This has been a helpful post for me as well, when people ask what types of books I like to read I am usually at a loss.  Now, however, I can safely tell them that I enjoy pretty much anything British (as evidenced by Tolkien, Sayers, Austen, Jacques and Sherlock Holmes), fairytale related works and books about horses.

Now I have shown you MY bookshelves - go on over to Modern Mrs Darcy and let us know what is on YOURS!  (and feel free to drop off your link in my comments if you decide to join, I'd love to stalk your shelves!)


  1. I own the Sherlock Holmes books and one of the Jeff Shaara books

  2. These are beautiful and hold so much good stuff! (If you love anything British, pick up the Dorothy Sayers! I love her mysteries (except The Nine Tailors. yawn). But now I'm wondering why I don't have an Anne of Green Gables companion. :)

    Thanks for sharing your shelves with us!

    1. I did read the one about the Red Herring, and really enjoyed it! The rest of the ones I own are the stories with Harriet Vane, but I guess I don't have the very first book with her in it and I was told that I need to read that before I read the rest...

      Thank you for hosting the link up! It was so much fun!

  3. This is all great! But my favorite is the super-cool picture of the gallant Sir Paul. lol. It's really awesome.

  4. Confession: I've only read THE NINE TAILORS, as far as Dorothy Sayers goes. I know. Must remedy soon.


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