May 3, 2008

They CAN"T be serious! Can they?

I really couldn't believe it when I saw it. Watch the TV spot below of Prince Caspian, and then let me know what you think. My thoughts on this will be in the comment section.

Actually, I can't get the video on here, but click on this link. And then come back and let me know what you think.


  1. They actually kiss! I admit, I've been all for just dealing with the Susan/Caspian romance, and enjoying the movie. But I also admit, that I thought that it would be just a slight crush type of thing, and that it was just a rumour that they would kiss. In other words, I didn't think that they'd really like each other... that much. Well, unless that was a teaser, it would appear that I am wrong.
    I saw that late last night, which was NOT a good thing, because I was so in shock, I couldn't fall asleep. I am slowly getting used to the idea that the movie makers were serious... but was it just me, or were they standing in front of a huge crowd of people????? I thought that if they did in fact kiss, it would be a 'quite moment' where no one saw them. But that really looks like they are standing in front of a huge crowd of people! If I was seeing things, please let me know.
    Slowly getting used to the idea.

  2. Ps. If it is the wrong link, let me know. If it is the right one, it will be TV spot # 10

  3. Remember, in context it may not seem quite as shocking as it first appears. If Caspian kisses Lucy on the cheek or something, then hugs (or shakes hands) with the boys...and THEN kisses Susan, it wouldn't seem nearly as out of place as it does thrown randomly in the middle of a 30 second trailer.

  4. you know who ;-)May 3, 2008 at 12:32 PM

    It's just downright ridiculous!

    I mean. . .
    Caspian - the hero
    falling in love with
    Susan - a girl from our world who is never going back to Narnia anyway.

    Maybe somebody had the bright idea of sticking in a romance so that later on (if they do make all the movies) Susan will feel that she was acting childish and therefore doesn't want to go back to Narnia now that Caspian is probably dead????

    They better have a VERY good explanation for this!!!!!!

    Thy Neighbor

  5. Yes, it is true. I saw the link yesterday on and I almost cried! HOW COULD THEY! But I think it is just a farewell kiss at the end of the movie, because I have never seen that costume on Susan before. It also looks like she is the one doing the kissing not, Caspian; he kind of looked unsure of what to do. I hope the rest of the movie isn't as big of a disappointment; I've been looking forward to this movie for three years! *sighs*
    God bless.
    Vicki M.

  6. Poor Poor Amanda... I think I am going to regret blogging it. lol Yes, they kiss. And it seems that if anything, it's going to be more than just a little crush thing. Maybe a marriage, so you won't get to marry Caspian after all! Lol

  7. Amanda, I couldn't get the link to work, but did find a work around for myself, so no biggie.

    I like your new layout, except for the fact that the picture at the top is just a red 'X' for me and my various browsers/computers. You may want to look into that.

    Oh, and congratulations on getting your Driver's License, I am sure that your parents can hardly wait to send you on many an errand. :)

  8. My neighbor, I was thinking actually, that they might use a former 'romance' between Caspian and Susan, to make Susan NOT forget about Narnia, and then go back. (Pacifying all the fans who have been upset that Susan doesn't go back... in the books.)

    My dear Master Xavier, I have no interst in marrying Caspina. That was... someone else. I much much prefer Peter.

    I agree with Elena. Actually, now that I have had time to think of it, it doesn't bother me. I was just tottally convinced that they really wouldn't kiss and so it was like "Oh! Yikes! I guess they do kiss!"
    Fine with it now.

    I can't wait to see the battle between Miraz and Peter! They had BETTER do a good job with that!!!!! (It was my favorite scene in the whole book.)

  9. Caspina?????

    Really, this spellcheck thing has gone too far ;-)

  10. *teary eyed*

    It really is too bad. But, I mean, I can kind of see where Susan is coming from.......ummm...
    never mind!

    Anyway, I must say I'm a bit disappointed (for more than one reason but mainly...) because it does not happen in the book, but maybe when I see it in context it will make more sense.

    And Amanda, remember, I won the Caspian sword fight!!! ;)


  11. Okay, I paused it on the kiss and it looks like a goodbye kiss....right? *getting teary eyed again*

    Besides, Susan doesn't go back so it all works out, I think.

  12. Well sorry, Miss Tweedle! *bows* I humbly beg forgivness from all those devoted to Prince Caspian . *glances slyly at Miss March* Caspian Caspian Caspian Caspian.
    My dear March, I am aware you one the fight. Even if I wanted to marry him, I am much to busy fighting off someone else for Peter. (I'll tell you later.) BTW Marchy, practice was awful. Be glad you missed it.

  13. True, true. But I "one" the fight??? I know I "won" the fight. =) Just giving you a hard time.

    That's what my lil' sis said too (about practice).

    See ya Thurs!


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