May 27, 2008

Meeting Regina Doman

at the Illinois Catholic Homeschooling Conferance, was a wonderful and exciting experience! I was thrilled to meet one of my favorite authors ever, as were the rest of the fans in my homeschooling group. So, after her talk, we did a little cheer for her.

Toss the books with hate and greed! We've got just what you should read!

Listen up! We'll have you knowFairy Tale Novels are the way to go!

Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night,Waking Rose are the best in sight!

Go Regina! Go go Regina! Take your pen and write again!

Go Regina! Go go Regina! Take your pen and write some more...

F-A-I-R-Y T-A-L-E-S!

What does that spell? FAIRY TALES!!!!

Some day, my Bear (or Fish!) will come!

*conclude with laughing and clapping*

The rest of the conference was great, but nothing could compare to meeting Regina Doman!


  1. I have not read her books yet, but it was fun doing the cheer with you! :)

  2. Yes, wasn't it just delightful and delicious to peek into (I like that better than "pick"!) a great writer's brain?! She was so charming, and so approachable. So was her husband! (I loved his "Knight in Shining Armor" t-shirt). What a fun, memorable experience! back to "real life". You know, there's more than just exhaustion to deal with after such a huge event! ;)

  3. Hi AMANDA!
    I was wondering, how did you put polls and Youtube clips on your blog?
    God Bless,
    Mary John Paul:)

  4. Were there...only girls there? lol Judging from the pics. And did you write that? I suppose singing is the new thing. Or, chanting. Can't wait for MD.

  5. Well, only because this was right after the talk for girls. And, while there are boy fans in our homschooling group, I belive they prefer to remain unkown, so I doubt they would have joined in,even if we had asked them.
    Um, it was kind of a chant thing. I wrote the first part (and my fairy godmother Claire revised it) then Miss Fishy and I came up with the rest. It was Claire's idea to do the "Someday my Bear (or Fish!) will come."

  6. It was so much fun!!

    Thanks for letting me be a part Amanda!

    God bless,
    Jo March

  7. I had fun doing the cheers too :{


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