May 29, 2008

More Music!

I had said in this post, that I would some day in the future post the music video for the song "Going Home" from the movie Gods and Generals. Here it is, along with another video to the same song. (But a different movie!) Enjoy!

Note to the guys, in the Gods and General's music video, the singer wears a dress with a low cut neckline. Just a heads up!

And the other one...


  1. I really liked the music videos :{

  2. I really liked the music videos :{

  3. It's funny you posted this, I had a dream about the civil war last night. Really weird though... I like the music, but music videos aren't my bit for some reason...

  4. I love that song!!!!! My sister and I can't stop singing it. *smile*

  5. AWESOME! SWEET! I now want to see Lord of the Rings! I love the song!!
    God Bless,
    Hannah(Coon's sis)

  6. know, isn't this a gorgeous song? I love it.

    You MUST see the Lord of the Rings! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! (And read the books!)


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