June 3, 2008

Why You Should Read the Bulletin...

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Every once in a while I hear the expression "Who reads the bulletin anyway?" when we talk about people who miss important parish events. We should realize that our parish bulletin is the primary way we inform everyone about what's happening in the parish. And it is not just a bunch of information. We can also get some laughs out of it. The following are samples of bulletin bloopers.
"The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in the church basement Friday at 7pm. The congregation is invited to attened this tragedy."
"Wieght watchers will meet at 7pm at St. Teresa's Catholic Church. Please use double door at side entrance."
"Don't let worry kill you - let the Church help."
"Ladoes, don't forget the rummage sale! It is a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don't forget your husband."
"The peacemaking committee meeting scheduled for next week has been canceled due to a conflict."
"The pastor will preach his final sermon next week, after which the choir will sing 'Break Forth into Joy'"
"Low Self-esteem Support Group will be meeting next Wednesday at 6pm. Please use the back door."
The moral of the story. Please do take home a bulletin when you leave the church. You never know what you might be missing.
This one caused a lot of laughs after Mass, which we all needed. After communion, we recieved the news from Father, that the Bishop is making him the pastor... of a different parish. Two and a half hours away. We are all very sad, because during the one year that we've had Father Ariel as our parochial administrator, we have become very attatched to him. He is such a wonderful, vibrant, friendly, holy and reverant priest, and has done so much to make our parish blossom. It was quite a blow to hear that he will be leaving in one short month. Please pray that his replacemnt will be just as good of a priest, and that we may accept God's will in this. Thank you.


  1. I have read these before; they are soooo hilarious! *falls off seat laughing*
    -C.C. Sparrow

  2. Oh, wow. I read them out loud to my sister and my mom. Those are so funny! :D

    Oh, that's too bad. :( I'll be praying for your church. *hugs*


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