June 4, 2008

A Week in Feminine Dress ~ Days 1 and 2

Last month both Claire and Clare did a "Week in Feminine Dress", where they wore beautfiul feminine clothing and posted photos of their outfits on their blogs. I thought that it look like a neat thing to do, but I didn't have the time for it then (I was already doing one daily post), so I put it off for later. Last night I decided on the spur of the moment to do it now. So, yesterday was the first day, and I shall go until next Tuesday. For yesterday's outfit...

Last night was my sister Megan's graduation, and I wore a navy polka dot blouse from Blair that I bought with money that I got for my birthday.

I wore this with my white linen/rayon skirt from Christopher and Banks, a store with many beautiful, fashionable and modest selections!

To complete the outfit, I wore a silver heart necklace, diamond earings. I got my hair cut to above my shoulders that morning, so I blow-dried it to give it a little 'foof' and parted it on the side.

Today I am more casual in what my family terms a 'clothes bin' outfit; we can't remember where it came from originally, so when asked where we found it, we truthfully reply 'Our summer/winter clothes bin'.

A rose colored cotton dress with princess seams, it is a bit plain on its own, so I like to wear it with my tan shirt. The neckline comes far to low on my shoulders to be worn alone, but it looks very nice with this dress!

For a necklace, I am wearing my Miraculous medal heart that "My Fairy Godmother" gave my for my confirmation anniversary this year.

My hair, which is now too short for a barrette, is pulled back with bobby pins, an idea I found sitting in front of me at Mass last night. Divine inspiration? ;)

That's the start of my Week in Feminine Dress. A little late, but I plan on having fun with it!


  1. That is a very neat idea! You look so beatiful and sophisticated Amanda! Can't wait to see more of your outfits!

    Maybe I'll do a "Week in Historical Dress" but that might not work. Can you see me walking around Wal-Mart in a hoop skirt???


    God bless,

  2. You look marvelous darling, but.....when did you cut that gorgeous, long hair!!!! Lol!
    -C.C. Sparrow

  3. Hey! Looks great! I should grow my hair that long. :)

    And a beard...

    And a cool Spanish accent...

  4. Oh, you look so lovely! The second outfit is particularly pretty... I'm so fond of pink.

    Your haircut turned out really nice as well! I envy your thickness and volume.


  5. Love Thy NeighborJune 4, 2008 at 4:03 PM

    Nice clothes, Lady Rose!

    I think that your hair cut is so cute ;-)

    ~Rachel Durham (you know who ;)

    P.S. I love the t-shirt idea
    "Don't mess with the Mob!"
    We will definately try to do it!!

  6. My dear, you look lovely! Especially the medal. ;) I particlarly loved your blue and white outfit.

    ~Your (Fairy) Godmother

  7. @ Miss March ~ I would love to go shopping in a hoopskirt! A bit impractiacal though... how on earth would I drive the car?

    @ Coon ~ If you mean the very first time, it was spring of '07. If you mean this time it was... yesterday morning. (VERY new hair cut!)

    @ Paul ~ Um, from seeing photos of you, I don't think you would look good with long hair. Sorry! But then again, you never know. (An FYI; us girls on the forum decided we don't like guys with long hair unless it is slightly wavy.)

    @ Mamselle Duroc ~ Thank you! Actually, today it has calmed down a little, and is not quite as 'foofy'. It used to be thicker, actually... (no one belives me.)

    @ "Rachel Durham" ~ Actually, I am not sure which neighbor it is, but I can guess. (The older one?) Thanks! Good! Another t-shirt recruit! Any idea if Wal-Mart sells cheep black t's?

    @ My Fairy Godmother ~ Yes, I thought you might like that necklace!

    Thank you for all the compliments! *hugs every one*

  8. I wasn't growing long hair to get girls... Maybe Blonde Legolas hair... ;) I could do historical clothing...armor...armor...and frilly shirts. :D Nah, to girly...

    Miss March, a friend of mine actually wanted to go to Wal-Mart in her hoopskirt, but her brother petitioned his mom not to have his sister embarrass him. :P

  9. *HUGS BACK* OH YOU'RE WELCOME! *gives her another big hug* Wait, why I didn't give you any compliments!.....yet! lol! BUT NOW I AM! I LOVE THE OUTFITS!!! I think I'm going to do it too! Well at least I'll try! :) I LOVE THE HAIR CUT! My hair is somewhat like that only longer. You'll see at camp.

  10. One of your old friends from 'The Mob'June 5, 2008 at 4:30 PM

    Lady Rose~

    Actually it's the younger one! (fooled ya didn't I?)

    Will find out if Wal-mat sell cheap t-shirts by the week end!

    Keep ya posted!

    ~Rachel Durham, the younger

  11. [...]I wasn't growing long hair to get girls[...]
    I never said you were. >:(

    [...] Maybe Blonde Legolas hair[...]
    Thought your hair was brown????

    *hugs Hannah* I can't wait to see you again!

    @ Rachel Durham the younger, but I did know what family it was! Actually, we just went to Goodwill and found black shirts for veddy cheap! Now we have to see if they look good with writing, they aren't exatly t-shirt, t-shirts, so I am not sure how it will turn out. Might end up buying actual t-shirts after all!

  12. Master Paul: Really! That is so funny! I had mine on around the house last night, just for fun and my whole family was laughing at me.

    And if you are going to grow your hair to try to look like Prince Caspian, well, even though I don't really know you and have never seen a pic of you, I'm not opposed. =) lol

    Lady Rose: I don't know how you could drive a car in one, but I know someone who has! I don't know her personally, but I was asking her about how hard it was to maneuver (sp?) in one one day and she said she can manage quite well, even while driving a car! lol


    P.S. I got iron on transfer paper yesterday!! Can't wait to make the Mob shirts. Do you have to use a new sheet of paper each time, or can I print it out once and make multiple shirts...maybe i should just read the directions. =)

    P.P.S. I have a secret Prince Caspian sewing project I'm going to bring to Bama to work on, hopefully to finish b4 you arrive. Can't wait for you to see it! (a clue, I couldn't find the color I wanted for a dress on sale, so I got a different pattern instead...)

    sorry for the long post!


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