June 9, 2008

A Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 7

The last day! Ah, so sad! I should be dressed in black but.. I am not and that is just fine. =) Today, I am wearing what I have termed my 'butterfly outfit'. If you are wondering why, since I do not appear to have butterflies all over my blouse and skirt, it shall become clear later on.

My blouse is a pale yellow that I found either in a bag of clothes someone gave us, or in a thrift store. Take your pick. In the picture of my necklace below, you will be able to see the trim around the neckline, along with the diamond pattern in the shirt. It is a very light weight cotton, which is great for warmer weather! Humid too, do to the dark clouds hovering over my head. Apparently we had quiet a storm here last night. I can't vouch for it since I stayed asleep, but the rest (well, almost the rest) of my family woke up. But I digress....

My skirt is one that I got from Blair. A lovely bright green, cotton, crinkly, tiered skirt that goes wonderfully with my yellow blouse and helps brighten our dreary day. You can also see in this photo, the white braided belt that I have one. I love the look an un-tucked shirt with a belt gives!

And now for why I call it my butterfly outfit!
Here is a better photo of those cute butterfly earing from Miss Fishy that I wore on day 5. The colors are, obviously, yellow and green, the same as my skirt and blouse!

Since I greatly dislike having my hair down all the time, I was delighted to discover that it is long enough to clip back with my gold butterfly clip from Wal-Mart. It is one of my favorite hair-pieces, and it went very well with this outfit!

I didn't have any butterfly necklaces, but this charm that I had almost looks like it could be a butterfly... from far away. Hey, I tried! Here you can see the criss-cross pattern around the neckline, and the diamond pattern in the blouse. Due to the tiny holes, a camisole is a must with this!

Well, my dearly beloved readers, that concludes my Week in Feminine Dress! My, when you have a scheduled thing every day, how time does fly by! I shall be back with another post tomorrow, welcoming a dear friend to the blogshpere!


  1. I should do a post "I survived Lady Rose's 'A Week Feminine Dress'" ;)

  2. I like your earrings! =) Beautiful outfit...you look lovely!

    Guess who?!?! ;o)

  3. I love that skirt! And the clip. :)

    I tagged you on my blog, Rose. :)

  4. @ Paul ~ lol, you should! That would be funny. (Better than your 'litany' anyhow...)

    @ Guess Who ~ Um, one of the Twiddles?

    @ Delaney ~ Thanks!
    I shall check your blog out!

  5. It's up now. I had a blonde blogging moment. :P

  6. No, guess again...I haven't left a comment in awhile...=)

  7. *hesitantly*
    Miss Fishy? Are you really here? Alive?

  8. Yes! I am alive and well! =)
    See you later - I am looking foward to swimming!


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