June 18, 2008

The responses you would like to give to those goofy questions people ask about your family

Hannah at Totus Tuus posted this a week or so ago and in light of the past two days posts, I thought I would share it with you. =) Here is the text, in case the words on the picture are too small to read:

Yes they are all my children and they are awesome!
Yes we have television, we just don't need it!
No this is not some sort of daycare, it's 24/7!
Why should we fix it if it is not broke?
Yes, we know where they came from... God.
We had planned on two, my spouse just can't count.
Yes, we've heard of birth control; No birth and no control.
You should enjoy our large family; our kids will be paying your social security.
We didn't plan the first few, why start now?
Are we done?! We're just getting started!

Gotta love that shirt! Hmm... my mom's birthday is in a few months...


  1. I love "You should enjoy our large family! They'll be paying your social security"

    So true!!!!!!! lol!!!!!

  2. I like what it says on the shirt and I think it kind of goes with your last two posts ;)

  3. I love your t-shirt . Wonderful!

  4. Actually, I don't own that shirt. I found it through another blog.

  5. Heheh. Very funny. You're from a large family yourself?


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