June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Rosebud!

Due to Internet security reasons, we originally were not going to post any photo's of our flower's face...
But she's just so beautiful we decided otherwise!

Mary, you are our lovely little lady,

so elegant, sweet and dainty.

No matter what you are doing...

...Whether you are dressed as a saint (St. Maria Goretti)

...Or making your acting debut

...or learning archery

... or climbing rocks with your little brother and relishing the life of a 'sergeant'

... or proudly displaying your gorgeous artwork

...or receiving flowers from "your beau" ... or, like today, celebrating your birthday

You always have a beautiful smile, a charming laugh and a sweet little face.

May God bless our little "Rosebud" on her fifth birthday today, and always!

Happy Birthday Mary!

With love,
Your Big Sister!


  1. Happy Birthday Mary !

  2. Awwwww...how sweet!

    Wishing Mary the very best on her birthday!


    Incidentally, if I don't hurry up, I'll miss the bus to Montana...


    Look for a postcard in the mail...
    Have fun at camp...
    and keep smiling ;-)

  3. Happy birthday!! What a darling she is!


  4. awww! Happy Birthday Mary!

    Miss Fishy

  5. Oh how sweet! She's so lovely, Lady Rose! Please wish her a happy birthday form me!

  6. Happy Birthday to 'my little sister!' Happy birthday, Mary. You look so pretty! The prettiest littlest rosebud..

    Mamma, I am back! My thanks for welcoming my blog! I tried posting a little while after you had posted about it, but something happened.

    I shall post about yours! *grin*

    I have a picture of me in 'our' skirt. I shall post pictures of my trip soon. I have to download them on to the computer first.

    Never fear, your daughter's face shall soon appear!

    P.S. Where did you find that little picture of Lucy uncovering the wardrobe? It's so cute! I'd love to put it on my blog!

  7. Mary thanks you for all your well wishes!

    @ Rachel Durham - Quick! Hurry! Run!
    I shall eagerly await that postcard!

    @ Raewyn ~ Wait though... since you are my 'daughter', wouldn't she be your aunt? LOL, but she can be your sister if you want!
    You are back! Quick! I am waiting most impatiently to see your face! I still think that is so funny that we have the same skirts. But of course, I bought it for you. ;)

    I'll put the link for the photo in a comment on your blog! Glad you liked it!

  8. Does her name Happen to be Rosa? Lol Oh my, she looks so familiar! Family I knew that moved out to Kentucky... lol Happy Birthday!

  9. Uh... no... it's not.... didn't you read the words??? And we've never lived in Kentucky...


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