June 7, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 5

Today I am wearing another casual outfit for gardening. The shirt is a White Stag cream colored blouse that I received along with a different skirt for my birthday this year.

The skirt I am modeling today is a lovely olive green, crinkly cotten skirt from Blair.
It has a drawstring waist, with clear glass beads on the ends of the strings...

and a decorative ruffle around the hem of the skirt.

To keep my hair from blowing in the strong spring winds, I am wearing a white bandanna a friend crocheted for me.

To go with the more earthy tones of my outfit, I am wearing a dark brown wooden cross that I recieved on the day of my confirmation. As you can see, it has a neat little design carved on it.

Breaking away from the earth tones, I am wearing bright green and yellow, butterfly, dangly earing that Miss Fishy made and gave to me. The picture is a bit blury, but they really are cute!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, conludes our showing for today. Thank you for reading!


  1. Mama Rose!!

    You look so pretty, and feminine! Your skirt is very pretty. I love the colour..

    Dearest Mamma, I have the exact same blue jean skirt from Wal-Mart in your second to last post!! As soon as I saw it in the picture I thought, "Wow. That looks just like mine!" Then you said it was from Wal-Mart, and I knew we had the same skirt!! Lol..

    It's actually my mother's, but I steal it from her and we take turns wearing it.

    As a matter of fact, I'm taking it to Virginia with me. And as I will be taking tons of pictures, I snap one of me in it, thus plucking two flowers with one hand. (So much more refined then "killing two birds with one stone", don't you think?)

    In that way, you'll get to see me, and I can show you my skirt!

    ~ Your dearest daughter

  2. Daughter Wyn!

    Wow! You have the same skirt! LOL, wouldn't that be so fun if we both wore matching outfits on the same day? That might take a bit of communicating though, since we live in different states. hmmm... we should do that though! And take pictures! Hey! Do you live near a corn field? I just got a really cool idea! I'll pm you about it...

    I like that! "Pick two flowers with one hand." I shall have to remember that!

    *jumps impatiently* I want to see my daughter!

    ~ Mamma Rose
    (LOL, and everyone is wondering, Lady Rose has a daughter? She is 16? He, he, if they were on the forum they would understand. =)

  3. your 'today is my birthday' friend (hint, hint, hint)June 8, 2008 at 2:56 PM

    Do I perhaps see a "Listen" Skirt?


    P.S. Are you enjoying Catholic Reluctantly? And are you on your second time readthrough yet?


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