June 5, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 3

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to go out on an all afternoon outing with my godmother. We had a marvelous time, including dressing so that we would be exactly matching!

I -we - wore matching blouses, made of sheer fabric, that had a cute little ruffle a quarter of the way down the shirt, little white buttons hid amidst the dainty fabric. (Mine was borrowed from Claire's sister, but I am not supposed to tell you that. ;)

The skirt was a navy - I believe from Blair - and had beautiful emobroidered designs all around the bottom.
For our outing, we decided to wear our matching 'pro-life' necklaces. Claire actually gave me mine for my birthday... two years ago. (This outing was for my 16th birthday by the way!)
To shade us from the 90 degree sun, we each wore a straw hat. I wore a white hat with a bow tied around it, that I got as a hand-me down from my mom the other day.
To complete our matching look, we had matching hair-do's (I did Claire's, which turned out nice, considering it was the second French braid I had ever done,) and wore pretty flowery scarfs around our waists. Oh, and we wore similar colored sandals!

We had a fantastic time, walking, eating, talking, praying, window shopping, sing.. actually, we didn't sing. Wonder why? And musing how many people looked at us and wondered why on earth we were wearing matching clothing, though only one person stopped to ask us.
Thank you so much Claire, for such a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, and thank you to Miss Fishy for taking such lovely photos of us! And to Princess of the Lord for letting my borrow her things!

  2. You girls look so very very lovely! Those hats are darling!


  3. Very nice! I'm glad you had fun. I wish I could do that with my godmother...but she is a cloistered nun! We can visit, but I've got to go see her, and we definitley can't go window shopping together. =)

    God bless,

    P.S. We can pray together though, even if we can't see each other. That's nice!

  4. Lady Kathleen MavorneenJune 8, 2008 at 9:06 AM

    My dear sister the skirt that you were borrowing from me is not from Blair's, I got it from a store in Chicago. =)


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