June 23, 2008

A Note to my Devoted Fans..

Heehee, I love calling you that! 'My devoted fans' just sounds ever so much better than 'the people who read my blog'. Do you mind?
Just warning y'all that there shall be a deficiancy of posts this week, due to several reasons.
1) Helping out at my parishes Summer Bible Camp (or whatever it is called.) The first day was today, and I had so much fun! The kids are great.
2) Getting ready for the Miles Jesu Ave Cor... forget it. Full title is to your right. Getting ready for camp. Only... 5 more days! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see some of you there.
3) A whole bunch of other stuff.

So, don't expect much of anything this week. I promise to say good-bye to you all before I leave though.



  1. Ooh. Well, that's a snazzy name for a summer camp. Have fun!

  2. So, if you come to my blog, can I call you my devoted fan as well? LOL If you do come to my I have an article on the media's emphasis on super skinny models and how that affects young girls. I also am trying to cover every Protestant objection that I can think ofto the virgin Mary. I have only one article up yet in that series, "Who's afraid of the Mother of God." Its the third article down.


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