February 7, 2009

Girard Family on Extreme Home Makeover!

Some of you may remember Thom and Marc Girard, who died tragically last summer. As you may recall, before Thom and Marc died, the family had lost their house in a fire and had been living in a trailer. Well, in December 2008, the Girard's got a new home, thanks to Extreme Home Makeover! The show airs tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern Time on ABC.
You can go here to watch the preview, and be sure to have your tv's on tomorrow night!
If you do happen to miss it, I am pretty sure you can watch past episodes on the sight, so you'll be able to catch it later.
*claps* This is so cool!

1 comment:

  1. I'm stealing this for my blog :)

    That is WONDERFUL! They deserve it more than anyone <3

    I actually live in CT, and I hope to meet this wonderful family one day!


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