February 21, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 6

- 1 -
Another Quick Takes Saturday! As I have a ton to do today before 3:30, these will really have to be quick. I'll start out by letting you know that this will be the last quick takes post for a while. I have decided to give up the Internet for Lent, but since Sunday's are not considered a part of Lent, I will be back with a post or two on Sundays, and I perhaps on important occasions schedule a post or two. (Like my sisters birthday in a few weeks). I will try to post more before Wednesday, but I'm not promising anything.

Great news! My friend "Cap" informed my yesterday (as I was sitting down to write an essay on him none the less!) that Bl. Fr. Damien is up for canonization! I did some further research on it just now and the date for his canonization will in fact be announced... TODAY!!!! Catholicnews.com and a few other sites said that the Vatican will be giving it's official approval of the last miracle today. YAY!!!!!

Only on take three and I have nooooo idea what to post! Hee hee, oh dearie me. =) Oh right.
I've been looking for Lenten music to put on my music playlist for Lent. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave them in the comment box. I doubt playlist.com will have many of them, so the more suggestions you have the better! But leave a song even if you only have one.

I just found this interesting survey on Jennifer's Favorite Links'. It's a Gallup poll showing which countries are the 'most religious' I guess you could put it. Quite interesting, I advise you take a look at it. I'm sure you won't be surprised as to where America falls. Although all Alabama fans (like me) will be cheering when they see where Sweet Home Alabama is. (Hmmm, think The Shrine has anything to do with it?) Here's the link!

Another thing from Jennifer's Favorite Links! My mom posted about this too. See how well you do at placing all the states on the map.
Then check the comment box and I'll tell you how I did.

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  1. Ok, so here is how I did.
    First time:
    86% score
    Avg error - 19 miles
    Time - 294 seconds

    Second time thru:
    92% score
    Avg error - 9 miles
    Time - 251 seconds

    Fourth time:
    94%, 7 miles, 229 secs

    Also, I can't help but point out to all my anti-southern Civil War friends who read my blog, in that survey, when they listed the Top 10 Most Religious States in the US... *grins triumphantly* ALL of them were Southern! So there, now I have yet another very good reason why I like the South!

  2. I got a very similar score on the matching states quiz! Yes, another person who appreciates the South! I was born in the South :). Great blog!

  3. You like the south?? So do I!!!! The north was only interested in making a buck. :-) Wait a minute, maybe it's not safe to say that.....

  4. Ha ha, the only things keeping me attached to the North are that
    1) Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain rocks
    2) My great-great-great-great grandfather fought for the Union.
    3) The North is my home
    4) The Civil War is over and I try my hardest not to be one of those people who hate the other side and take every opportunity to bash it.

    But other than that, the South leaves the North waaaay behind!

  5. Yeah, those are good points. But every once in awhile I still wish the South had won. And I'm sure you know that the issue of slavery was just a smokescreen.

  6. Hmm, I don't wish the South had one. Because really, if it had, there would be wars going on and on in our country, every time a state or county or something didn't agree with everyone else. 'Twould have turned into another Europe or Middle-East.

    Ah yes, slavery. It was an issue, of course, and important one too, but really it all boiled down to authority. "You can't tell me what to do!" If it had been something other than slavery that was being threatened, than the war would have "been" about that, more likely than not.

  7. Maybe I have just read too much, but I have heard about plenty of corruption in the South during the Civil War. Neither side was perfect…I agree that the North probably was somewhat power-hungry and they had awful generals. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, their cause was more honorable. The preservation of the union…and no matter how much it is denied, slavery was a big part of the war for many.


  8. True, and I am not denying that slavery was an issue in anyway. I agree that it was important, and the end of slavery was a very good and important outcome of the war (also one of the reasons that I don't wish that the South had won, despite the personal beliefs and views of the generals and soldiers, the government did support slavery). But states rights is what caused the war, no matter what Abraham Lincoln said. (That's what I was getting at in my previous comment.) In fact, Abraham Lincoln himself hardly kept the same opinion of slavery, at least in public. I suppose that's just a politician for you, but his changing views of the slavery issue is the main reason why I don't have as good of an opinion of Lincoln as most of the people I know do.

    Also, I have said this many times in the past, though sometimes I doubt people have heard it, it is the generals of the South that hold my love and admiration, not the cause or the politics or the state of the corruption in the South or whatever. It is the generals (namely General Lee and General Jackson and General Stuart) and the other soldiers that hold my attention. The fact that they were willing to fight for a cause against such great odds. Many of them did not believe in slavery, in fact, most didn't even own slaves! They were fighting for what they viewed as freedom. Whether I agree completely with their cause or not, you must admit that they showed tremendous perseverance, determination and loyalty to keep fighting for that long! Even when Lee surrendered, they didn't want to give up, though they had barely any clothes, next to no food and nowhere near enough ammunition. Call it stubbornness and pride if you will, but I call it dedication. And I admire that, very much.

    And of course there is the seemingly irrelevant reason of the fact that The Shrine is in Alabama.

    If some of what I said above didn't make sense, please point it out and I will be happy to explain myself further. Don't worry, I shan't be offended. I am of the opinion that most of what I say is not understood, hence the hitherto unknown reason for why I don't talk much and prefer to write my thoughts. I would talk much more if I had to write everything, as opposed to talking. I don't talk much, and I don't like talking all that much - which may shock my forum friends ;). But I'm getting off on a tangent.

  9. I agree with you that many of the Southern generals were real men...role models for men of today, especially General Jackson (and Lee). I do know that this is one of the big reasons that you are a Southern Belle. =)

    Actually, even though I still disagree with you in some ways, I am very grateful for your viewpoint on the Civil War. Before I was of the mindset that the North was all good and the South all bad, now (I think) I am a little more balanced!

    Funny thing is, a lot of times I feel misunderstood also, and rather than being silent, I repeat myself over and over until at least I think someone has it. =O I feel that I need to learn how to be silent, to be able to listen as well as speak. Like St. Francis said "Preach always, use words when necessary."

    Hope to see you tomorrow, dear Rose!



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