February 7, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 4

I am considering once again changing my blog template. I know, I know you are all thinking (my old readers, anyhow) "GAH! She is forever changing her blog template!" Well, I half-heartedly apologize for that. Honestly, I could no more keep the same look on my blog than wear the same outfit three times in one week. Just my feminine nature, I presume. What is especially tempting is that the website has a bunch of really cute, free blog templates AND it doesn't get rid of all your sidebar thingys! I wouldn't have to ditch all my junk! Ha ha, well I suppose you'll know whether or not I decide. Teehee, I might even decide before the end of this blog post! Ah, decisions, decisions... I am in an indicive mood, family beware!
(Here is the website, in the meantime)

While at one of the several girl's clubs I belong too the other day, (this one is titled 'The Saint Faustina Club') our leader mentioned a tradition that her family has. At the begining of the year, each family member picks the name of a saint from a hat and that saint becomes their special patron for the year. All the club members did it as well, and I got Bl. Damien of Molokai, a truly amazing saint! Since he is my special patron of the year now, I shall most certainly do a post or two on his life.
My sister ended up with Saint Joseph the Worker, which I doubt is merely a 'coincidence', since St. Jospeh the Worker is one of my family's patron saints - not to mention his feast is also the anniversary of my sister's baptism!
I encourage you to pick your own patron saint for the year. Randomly write down a few saints names on slips of paper and then pick one, or leave a comment and I'd be happy to pick one for you.
All our patron saints, pray for us!

In this same club, we are studying Ireland, and as part of our learning, we are putting on a small performance for our families. We divided into two groups and each group is decided to put on a skit. One group, Saint Brigid, and the other group, St. Dymphna. I am in the group for St. Dymphna and am playing the role of her father, King Damon. It is quite an interesting role. A bit of background on him: Damon was a pagan married to a devout Catholic woman whom he dearly loved. After she died, he went insane and tried to marry his daughter, Dymphna. She refused, fleeing the country with a priest and a few friends. Damon perused her to Belgium. When he caught up with her, he had the priest killed and then - when Dymphna again refused him - he killed her as well.
So that's who I get to play! I'm actually looking forward too it. This would be the third time I've played a guy (1st was St. Patrick, 2nd time was Angry Mob/St. Jude), so I'll be perfecting my 'guy stance' some more; aka: not standing with my hands folded/clasped, one leg slightly out, the other one slightly bent... no "girly" poses.
I also came up with this cool costume, and I actually look like a guy when I add the make-up beard. Kinda weird... but it's fun.

The other day, some friends of mine and I were discussing how different actresses/singers look without make-up. Rephrase that - they were discussing, I was listening, as usual. I've seen pictures of some of these young ladies (Kiera Knightly for example) and it's amazing how you would never recognize them! Knightly especially I was shocked, she look like she was about 50 and she is oh what, 24-ish? It's really a shame. They don't look happy either, it's really sad. So they are popular, but at what price?
I was pleasantly surprised though when I looked up Liv Tyler (Arwen from the Lord of the Rings). She is very beautiful with make-up... but I'd say she is even prettier without it! She even looked happy... I know she's an actress, so you can't ever really be sure, but maybe. Hmmm, topic for a full post maybe.

Ok, something quick for the last quick take.. something funny... aha! Got it! Stay here and don't move while I find 'em...

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Can't wait to see what you post!


  1. I have a good book that you should read about Bl. Damian... if I remember, I'll get it to you on Monday...


    P.S. You can get rid of the snow!!!!!

  2. Are you really changing it?? I think it's pretty neat as it is!!!! How did you do the snowflake animation? Is it from a template?

  3. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I wrote up a whole comment for one of your other posts the other day, and somehow lost it (yes, the wonderful computer! =).

    There are a bunch of cute backgrounds on that website...Welcome to the indecisive club! ;)

    But I like Caspian's hair in the movie. =) In the second picture though, he definitely needs a haircut!


  4. Leave my husband's hair alone! I like it!
    -Mrs. Caspian ;)

  5. So funny!

    can you pick a saint for me?

    Your brother,
    James :)


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